Vancouver concert preview – Kehlani at PNE Forum

Preview—Kehlani at PNE Forum, Vancouver, Sept 21 Kehlani‘s 2022 Blue Water Road Tour kicked off on July 29th in Portsmouth, VA. The North American tour includes a stop in Vancouver Wed. Sept 21 at the PNE Forum. Accordingly, the tour is in support of her third album, Blue Water Road. On Pitchfork, the record received […]

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Amanda from Sexy Decoy and Toast


Bands with Cats – Amanda from Sexy Decoy and Toast

– by Cheena Jean Normandin

Your band and role: Singer in Sexy Decoy

What’s your cat’s given name? Toast

What’s Toast’s origin story? We met and fell in love at an animal shelter in North Van when she was just a wee melba toast.


What does Toast eat? Fancy crunchies, bugs, grass, and green beans. If she hears me eating green beans she will scream at me until I give her one.

What do you think your cat’s theme song is? Hmm… maybe I Would Hurt A Fly by Built To Spill. She is a devious fly murderer, and it would be a good soundtrack for night time cat creeping.

What is the last book that Toast fell asleep on? She doesn’t so much sleep on books as climb on top of me and put her ass in my face while I’m trying to read.


If Toast sees a GIANT spider, what is her course of action?

Taste it a bit, spit it out. Have another taste, spit it out. Like a wine tasting if wine was made of wolf spiders.

What is the last incredible feat that your feline accomplished?

She likes being up high and she finally made it to the peak of the roof the other day. All it took was a chance meeting with a visiting dog.


What does Toast listen to while she is basking on a window sill in the sun? “Peaches” by The Stranglers.

If you and Toast woke up in a weird Freaky Friday situation, what do you think would be the first thing she would do?

Pee on everything.

Sexy Decoy’s next show is this Saturday, Aug. 16 at Burger Fest .



You can find details for Sexy Decoy’s upcoming EP Release on their facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/sxydecoydontfvckaround

And check out their bandcamp over here: http://sexydecoy.bandcamp.com


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