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Hey Guys Watch This is the New Yorker’s first album of new original material since 2010.

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Matthew ‘Rambone’ Palmier and Roscoe

Roscoe- Rambone

Bands With Cats – Matthew ‘Rambone’ Palmier and Roscoe

– by Cheena Jean Normandin

Your name: Matthew ‘Rambone’ Palmier

Your band and roles: Rambone. Guitar, vocals, & synth.

What’s your cat’s given name? Bobby ‘Roscoe’ Palmier

What’s Roscoe’s origin story?

I adopted Roscoe from the SPCA. I’ve had him for a year and a bit.

Roscoe Rambone 3

What’s Roscoe’s breed?

I think he’s Persian or Siamese mixed with a Tabby.

Who feeds Roscoe?

I feed him one cup of dried pellets a day.

What’s Roscoe’s theme song? “Atomic Dog” by George Clinton.

What dead rad dude would Roscoe prefer to sit in the lap of while watching a fish tank: James Dean or John Belushi?

He’d rather sit on the ghost lap of Vincent Price rather then James Dean or John Belushi.

Roscoe Rambone 2

What does Roscoe listen to when you’re not around?

Roxy Music – on repeat.

If your cat sees a VERY LARGE SPIDER- what’s his course of action?

Roscoe loves to swat & toy with spiders before he feasts on their souls

Roscoe Rambone 4

What does your cat get up to on Sunday mornings when half of your peer group is hungover?

Sunday mornings are usually reserved for sun bathing on the patio & periodic butt licking (his own).

Rambone’s magnificent bandcamp can be found here.

Rambone can be witnessed in real life at the Electric Owl on July 25.

And now for a real treat!

Cheena Jean Normandin

About Cheena Jean Normandin

Cheena Jean is a human B-side. She lives in East Vancouver and believes ferociously that the Internet requires more cats on it. She loves her local music scene a whole bunch and probably also really wants to be your friend.
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