Mount Eerie at the Christ Church Cathedral

Aug 18 2017. Kirk Chantraine photos.

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Kirk Chantraine, photo editor and publisher:
kchantraine [at] gmail.com

Shawn Conner, editor and publisher:
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One response to “Contact us

  1. 3 weeks ago  

    Good Morning “The Snipe”
    We are Rte. 2 Sniper………hmmmm
    We are 3 old guys from Boston Ma.
    We use to play all the big clubs in the Boston area when the scene was at it’s peak
    in the 80’s and 90’s.
    Since then, we write, record and discard one CD after another from our outdated studio.
    No fancy production here, just 3 guys doing what they love.
    Thank you for the time.
    We are called Rte. 2 Sniper
    Our latest CD is called “New Duds”.
    I have added a link to our Bandcamp (New Album) account and Soundcloud, lots of other stuff…(the good, bad and yes the ugly)
    We have over 300 songs in the can and we are finallay starting to share them.
    Thank you again.
    Tim Dooley

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