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Hey Guys Watch This is the New Yorker’s first album of new original material since 2010.

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Witch Of The Waste’s Ryan and The Professor

Witch of the Waste + The Professor

Bands With Cats – Witch Of The Waste’s Ryan and The Professor

– by Cheena Normandin

Your name: Ryan Fitzgerald

Your gig: I do voices and words for Witch of the Waste

What’s your cat’s given name?

Professor Richard J. O’Peaches. I refer to him as Professor, The Professor, or Dick.

Witch of the Waste + The Professor5

What’s The Professor’s origin story?

The funny thing is, I’m not at all a cat person. I have always had at least one cat and a dog growing up and the cats never liked me. I love dogs. I love hanging out with them. Cats were never my thing but I love animals and when I met this guy (my girlfriend’s roommate’s cat had the kittens) I fell for him. Orange cats are always pretty rad.

What’s his breed? 

Ummm… tabby? How do cat breeds work?

Witch of the Waste + The Professor2

Who feeds your cat?

I do.

What’s your cat’s theme song?

He seems to like the new Burning Ghats record.  Maybe Hexes. 

What dead rad dude would your cat prefer to sit in the lap of while watching a fish tank: James Dean or John Belushi?

T.S. Eliot. 

T.S Eliot

What does The Professor listen to when you’re not around?

He probably sleeps when I’m gone. Because he is always awake when I am home. Seriously. How do people sleep when they have cats?

What is the last epic thing you witnessed your cat do?

He is still only 10 weeks old. So he hasn’t reached his full epic potential. But he does a mean Tokyo Drift reenactment.

Witch of the Waste + The Professor3

If your cat sees a VERY LARGE SPIDER- what’s it’s course of action?

I used to see hobo spiders in my house all the time. Haven’t since the Professor moved in… coincidence?

What does your cat get up to on Sunday mornings when half of your peer group is hungover?

Stabs my armpit and/or nipple and/or belly button.

witch of the waste bandshot

Witch Of The Waste’s new EP can be streamed on their bandcamp page.

You can like them on Facebook over here.

Their next show is on Jan.25 and you can RSVP right here!

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