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Me and Mae’s Benjo Parker and Eiffel

me and mae

Bands with cats – Benjo Parker from Me and Mae and Eiffel

– by Cheena Jean Normandin

Your band(s) and role/instrument: 

I am the banjo (Benjo) player for the country band Me and Mae as well as a pianist/guitarist/singer/songwriter based out of Vancouver, B.C.

What’s your cat’s name?

Eiffel. Like the giant tower. Aptly named.

me and mae 4

What is Eiffel’s origin story?

Google the name “Bane” from Batman. Origin, abilities, attitudes are mirrored between the two.

Who feeds Eiffel?

I was told cats are able to self-regulate their food intake, so I have a kind of feline-food dispenser that pours more whenever he bumps into it. Which is evidently way too often. Picture a large hamster feeder. And then an equally large hamster.

What do you think Eiffle’s theme song is?

“No Diggity” by Blackstreet

What is the most impressive thing that Eiffel has murdered?

I have watched my cat eat three days’ worth of tuna sandwiches off my counter #murderedit. I also am well aware of his plots to end me, but he has thus-far been unsuccessful. Close call a few weeks back when I tried to enforce a new diet on him.

me and mae 2

If Eiffel sees a GIANT spider, what is his course of action?

Pinch of pepper, tad of thyme, sauté.

me and mae 3

Where is the last inconvenient place that Eiffel has fallen asleep?

Eiffel is so large that anywhere he sleeps is largely inconvenient. A more impressive question would be the last convenient place he fell asleep, to which I would answer, on me – as my room is currently unheated, and his twenty-seven pounds of fur provided ample warmth for the long November night.

me and mae 5

If Eiffel threw a raging party, what are the staples on the playlist?

He’s invited some of the neighbourhood strays over before. I swore I heard Afroman from the driveway, but it was all quiet when I got inside. #becauseigothigh

If you wake up in a Freaky Friday situation with Eiffel, what’s the first course of action on his behalf? On yours?

If my cat and I changed bodies, I would probably use the exciting new opportunity to experiment sleeping and eating all day, and enthusiastically hope I didn’t have to return to Ben.

He would probably use the exciting new opportunity to experiment with sleeping and eating all day, and give approximately zero shits on whether he returned to being himself or not.

*bumps automatic feline feeder and promptly passes out.


For more info visit meandmae.com and facebook.com/meandmaeband.

Also: www.instagram.com/meandmaeband




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