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Steve Geraci with Cari-Dee

Cari Dee and Steve

Bands with Cats featuring Steve Geraci with Cari-Dee

– by Cheena Jean Normandin

Name: Steve Geraci

Band(s): Hole In My Head,  Dead Again  and Anion

What’s your cat’s given name? Cari-Dee, after America’s first top model.

What’s Cari-Dee’s origin story?

I got her from the Delta SPCA. When I got there she was the queen of the room and she chose me.

Where’s Cari-Dee from? What is her breed?

From hell. Black shorthair.

Cari Dee and Steve 2

What does Cari-Dee eat?

Mostly dry food. Sometimes I feed her tuna which she can smell from 13.5 miles away.

What’s Cari-Dee’s theme song?

“How I Got Over”, The Roots:

What does Cari-Dee listen to while she’s basking in the sun?

Her own snoring.

If Cari-Dee sees a giant spider what is her course of action?

If the spider is moving fast she will eviscerate it. If it’s just sitting there she’ll just stare at it.

If Cari-Dee threw a raging party, what are three songs on the playlist?

1) “Get Out”, by Faith no More:

2) “Get Out” by Hole in My Head. (She’s not really a people person.)

3) “Triangle” by Patsy Cline.

If you woke up in a freaky Friday sitch with Cari-Dee what is the first course of action on her behalf? On yours?

We would both be looking for places to nap. So not much change there.

Hole In My Head plays with Jiffy Marker and Low Levels  at the Black Lab on Mar.28.

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Cheena Jean Normandin

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Cheena Jean is a human B-side. She lives in East Vancouver and believes ferociously that the Internet requires more cats on it. She loves her local music scene a whole bunch and probably also really wants to be your friend.
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