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Hey Guys Watch This is the New Yorker’s first album of new original material since 2010.

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Cavan from Bushwhacker and Bijoux Von Shikapoo

Bushwacker 4

Bands with Cats - Cavan from Bushwhacker and Bijoux Von Shikapoo

– by Cheena Jean Normandin

What’s your cat’s given name? Bijoux Von Shikapoo

Your name/deal: Cavan from Bushwhacker. Guitar and vocals.

What’s Bijoux’s origin story?

Bijoux was given to me when he was around the age of two. At that time my girlfriend was living in a place on East Hastings near Main, and one of her roommates was catsitting the little guy. They lived on the second floor and usually kept the front window open a crack to cool the place down. Bijoux being the marvellous explorer that he is decided to venture out the window and onto the awning of the businesses below. He did this a couple of times, once jumping off onto Main and getting in all sorts of trouble. Even if they kept it shut he would wait near the door to run outside. Being concerned about the coolest cat I had ever met I offered to look after him (I lived near a wooded area where he could go outside safely whenever he liked). Since the original owner never returned, over a year later I’m still taking care of him.

Where’s he from? What’s his breed?

Vancouver. I think he is a tabby but I’m not an expert.

Bushwacker 3

What does Bijoux eat?

I usually have a free feeder full of kibble and I give him a can or two a day of wet food. I used to buy him the real fancy stuff like Acana kibble and different cans of wet food but recently I haven’t been able to afford that stuff so I’ve been trying out a few cheaper brands. Again, I’m not an expert and it seems like all the experts on cats disagree how they should be fed. Vets recommend certain brands that are full of rice and other grains, yet so many people on the web and at cat stores say that cats shouldn’t eat grain ever. Although I did read once that one of the oldest cat ever was fed a diet with lots of bacon and asparagus. Maybe I should just do that.

What’s Bijoux’s theme song?

The 1812 Overture by Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky because it accurately describes a day in the life of the courageous hunter that is Sir Von Shikapoo.

What does Bijoux listen to while he’s basking in the sun?

Earth… The band I mean.

If Bijoux sees a GIANT SPIDER what is his course of action?


Bushwacker 2

 If Bijoux threw a raging party, what are 3 songs on the playlist?

“Hammer Smashed Face” by Cannibal Corpse for killing rats.

“Egyptian Danza” by Al Di Meola for running up trees and along fences.

“Move Bitch” by Ludacris for attacking his doggy sister Toki.

If you woke up in a freaky Friday sitch with your kitteh what is the first course of action on his/her behalf? On yours?

If I was in his body I would probably run up some trees and crazy shit like that I’ve never been able to do. I think if Bijoux had my body he would probably go steal a shitload of tuna and meat and butter from a grocery store.

Bushwacker 5

Buskwhacker on Bandcamp

Upcoming shows:

Wacken Metal Battle (BC Final) at the Rickshaw Theatre, April 10

NIH 3 Year Anniversary w/ SACRIFICE at the Rickshaw April 17

Human Resistance Program 15 Year Anniversary at Funky’s May 1

Armstrong Metal Fest – July 17-18

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