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Kathryn McCaughey on NOBRO’s full-length debut, taxes and snake blood.

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Rayon Dyck and Luna Tic with Chicken and Bertrand

luna and rayon and guineau pigs

Bands With Cats – Rayon Dyck and Luna Tic with (Renegade Guinea Pigs) Chicken and Bertrand

– by Cheena Jean Normandin

Band(s)/role(s): Rayon Dyck – yelling in B-Lines and Luna Tic – drums/vocals in Other Jesus.

What’re your guinea pigs given names?

Chicken and Bertrand! They are brothers.

What are Chicken and Bertrand’s origin stories?

Ryan kept hinting that he wanted some so I surprised him with them for Christmas. He freaked out and almost cried.

Where are they from or what are their breeds?

We don’t know. Peru? The fluffy breed. They have permanent bed head.

Who feeds Chicken and Bertrand?

Ryan gives them junk food and Luna gives them healthy food.

punk band guinea pig

What’s Chicken and Bertrand’s theme songs?

They really like deep, bassy sounds and are always asking us to put on some dubstep but that’s not happening.

Also, Chick-chickeney, chick-chickeney, chick chick cheroo is a favourite

If your guinea pigs were superheroes, what would their powers be?

Pooing all over their enemy really fast.

What’s the last book Chicken and Bertrand fell asleep on?

They don’t have access to books but they did pee on a picture of Mac DeMarco we laid down in their chilling area.

Video – Mac DeMarco, “Ode to Viceroy”:

Do Chicken and Bertrand ever do anything exceptionally diabolical?

Chicken has a tendency to dry hump Bertrand. One time he got in a really good hump and jizzed all over his brother! It was like crazy glue, not water soluble. Bertrand had to have a bath and was a very good boy.

Have your guinea pigs ever murdered anything?

Just a head of lettuce! They are scared of everything else.

What do your guinea pigs listen to when they are milling around on a Sunday morning?

Bertrand is super-energetic and is really into bouncy punk like the Rezillos and Chicken is more sensitive (like his father) and prefers Sufjan Stevens, and once in a while Captain Beefheart. But more than anything they love to freak out to the sound of the fridge opening.

What’s the last super adorable thing you caught your guinea pigs doing?

Today Bertrand was cuddling with my teddy bear!

B Lines and Other Jesus both play at Rainbow Connection Sunday May 18, and can also be spotted this year at Music Waste.

show at rainbow

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