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Andrew from BESTiE and Oscar


Bands with cats – BESTiE and Oscar

– by Cheena Jean

Your name: Andrew From BESTiE

Your  instrument: guitar

What’s your cat/s given name? Oscar

What’s your cat/s origin story?

The same as most, I think. No immaculate conception to my knowledge. He doesn’t seem to keep in contact with his parents or extended family, so it’s hard to be sure.

Where’s hefrom? What’s his breed?

He’s from Vancouver. Is long haired black and white a breed?

If your cat was a singer/songwriter from the 80s, who would it be?

Robert Smith

What does your cat like for breakfast?

I don’t know what he likes. He gets cat food. Also the occasional mouse, but he always leaves the back legs and tail. So if he does actively show a preference for any kind of food, I guess it would be the front half of mice.

What does your cat listen to when it’s on the prowl?

I have yet to find stereo ear buds that will stay situated in a cat’s ear. But if we find them, I’ll make him a Yusuf Islam mix to play.

Where is the most inconvenient place your cat has ever fallen asleep?

He always sits in chairs one has just vacated and intends to immediately re-occupy. Quite rude actually.

What is the last excruciatingly cute thing your cat did?

He often eats too quickly and then vomits on the carpet. Precious.

On a scale of 1-10 what are the chances your cat is dreaming of global domination at the moment?

He’s a cat. So 0.

What’s your cat’s theme song?

“Love Cats” by the Cure

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More BESTiE:

bbbestie.com :: facebook :: soundcloud :: twitter :: youtube :: instagram :: bandcamp

Video – BESTiE, “Asleep On the Bus”:

bestie band photo

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