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The Still Spirits’ David Gough and Moses

Bands With Cats David Gough and Moses

David Gough and Moses.

Bands With Cats – The Still Spirits’ David Gough and Moses

– by Cheena Jean

Name of cat’s person:  David Gough

Band affiliations: The Still Spirits/Bone Daddies

Instrument: upright/electric bass

Cat’s name: His given name is Moses, however, he goes by pseudonyms which range from “Muffin Face”, to “Aaarrghg, You Little Fuck”. Some common examples of in-betweens are “Mo Mo”, “Squeaker”, “Skull Biter” and “You Know I’m Bigger Than You, Why Must You Continue To Try And Take Me Down While I Walk To The Bathroom In the Middle Of The Night!?!?”

What’s your cat’s origin story?

Near as I can figure it, he was an ordinary (perhaps mentally gifted) cat who, while on a field trip, was bitten by a radioactive cat, thus giving him strange cat powers. After flaunting these powers for a short time, his uncle/father figure cat died as a result of something he did (or failed to do). Moses then learned that with great double cat powers, comes lazy cat responsibilities.

What type of cat is he?

Moses came from a box of kittens, he was the last of his kind.

On a side note… I can’t say no to tiny animals, if tiny HORRIBLE dinosaur-looking baby pigeons are nesting on my balcony, I begin dreaming of raising an army of carrier pigeons, or being that lady from the second Home Alone movie. Also, I assure you that baby pigeons are grotesque. 

Anyways, I’m fairly certain that his breed is 50 per cent random cat mixed with 50 per cent feral cat.

Who feeds Moses? 

When insects or the occasional (once) bat enter the apartment, Moses feeds himself. But for daily feeding he relies on his routine of waiting till my alarm goes off, then squeaking at me until I get out of bed. He then proceeds to walk as slowly as he can while dodging left to right so I can’t get in front of him whilst sauntering towards his food bowl. He then repeats this routine upon my arrival home from work.

If your cat had a superpower, what would it be?

The incredible ability to never “Meow” and instead make strange squeaky noises. Or the ability to make visitors want to pet him, and not let them. Is standoffishness a superpower?

What does he listen to while you are at work?

I honestly think he listens to podcasts about hunting, and I feel partly to blame. But property is expensive.

What’s the most formidable feat your cat has ever accomplished?

He once brought down a stray bat in the middle of the night, inside our apartment, which later involved the CDC, and me learning a whole bunch about rabies.

On a scale of 1-10, what are the chances your cat is dreaming of global domination at the moment?

Moses’ goals are far greater than global…

What is your cat’s theme song?

Larry and his Flask, “Blood Drunk”:

And The Brains’ “Stay Back”:

The Still Spirits are currently in the beginning stages of recording for a new EP and are going into hiding for awhile, notes David. But you can catch him with The Bone Daddies Oct. 26 at the Railway Club and Pat’s Pub Oct. 27 with The Brains. You can also hear Still Spirits and The Bone Daddies at stillspirits.bandcamp.com/ and bonedaddies.bandcamp.com/.

David Gough + Moses 1

Moses 1

Moses 2

Moses 3

photo (2)

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