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Anon’s Cole Benoit and Anubis

Bands with cats

Anion’s Cole Benoit with Anubis. Photo courtesy Cole Benoit.

Bands With Cats – Anion’s Cole Benoit and Anubis

– by Cheena Jean

Person’s name: Cole Benoit

Musical affiliations: Anion and Dead Again

Cat’s name: Anubis, commonly referred to as Bus and/or Bus Cat.

What’s your cat’s origin story?

Truly a king among felines, I’ve had Bus as my faithful companion for nearly 10 years now. He was a one of a group of kittens that someone found wild after their mother had been killed and they turned them over to VOKRA, whom I adopted him from as a wee lad. He stuck around on my lap after all the other kittens had gotten bored of my novelty at being new and essentially chose me. He was actually the runt of the litter, which is ironic considering what a huge cat he is now.

What’s his breed?

He’s half Bengal.

Who feeds your cat?

I do. Generally, after he paws at my mouth to wake me up and feed him at 5:30 in the morning.

What’s your cat’s theme song?

“Bow Down” by Westside Connection. That or “Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangsta” [Geto Boys].

What does he listen to when you’re at work?

Most of the day he spends slumbering so he’s partial to shoe gazeand ’80’s synthpop in the background. If he starts hitting the cat nip, then he usually puts on tunes in the vein of Sleep, Hawkwind and Earthless.

What’s your cat’s most heroic endeavour?

He’s generally pretty mellow and stoic, so the chance to be heroic doesn’t arise very often. He did get into a scrap with a raccoon one time and came out basically unscathed with a ton of raccoon fur in his claws.

What does your cat get up to on a Friday night?

Lately he’s been jamming the new Gorguts album, dipping his paw into people’s drink and worshipping his god (aka the heated bathroom floor).

Pro- or anti-catnip?

Definitely pro.

Anion just released an album entitled Without Solace on No List Records and is playing on Nov 16 at Funky’s with BIIPIIGWAN as well. Check out Anion’s bandcamp page. Dead Again plays the Astoria Nov. 1. More here: Dead Again’s bandcamp page.

Bands WIth Cats

Anion. Chuck Ibey photo.

Anubis 1

Anubis apples

Anubis in repose

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