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Sex With Strangers’ Alexis Young and Elliot

bands with cats Alexis Young

Elliot Ray Charles Bradley with Alexis Young. Photo courtesy Alexis Young.

Bands with cats – Sex With Strangers’ Alexis Young and Elliot

– by Cheena Jean

Person: Alexis Young

Band: Sex With Strangers

Cat: Elliot Ray Charles Bradley.

What’s your cat’s origin story?

I rescued him from the SPCA, where they found him in the woods up in Squamish with a puncture wound in his neck. After he healed up and his fur grew back in around his neck, I would venture a guess that he’s a Maine Coon seeing as he looks almost like a baby lynx.

Who feeds your cat?

Whoever gets up first.

What’s your cat’s theme song? 

His theme song would most likely be “People are Strange” by Echo and the Bunnymen.

What does he listen to when you’re at work? 

He probably listens to bitter, grumpy music to chain smoke and be miserable to. He hates most things. I would say Morrissey or The Cure.


What does your cat get up to on a Friday night?

On a Friday night he’s probably taking a huge shit on my bed while I’m gone, and leaving little bits in his butt for me to clean later. Then he probably writes angsty poetry about how he likes to be close to me, but not too close, and how he’s not sure how to love but he’d like to try.

Pro- or anti-catnip? 

Hey man, whatever gets you or your cats off.

You can catch Elliot’s person onstage with Sex With Strangers at the Cobalt Oct 13 with Har Mar Superstar. 

Sex With Strangers open for Har Mar Superstar Oct 13 at the Cobalt.

Sex With Strangers open for Har Mar Superstar Oct 13 at the Cobalt.

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