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X-Men: First Class buzz

X-Men First Class Magneto

Dig the helmet. Magneto in X-Men: First Class.

Comic book movie digest June 1 2011 – DC total reboot, Old Spice guy, X-Men: First Class

– by Clinton Hallahan

– Owing from the fact that your average consumer needs a rabid lore expert peering over their shoulder to explain the DC Universe just to get through a single issue or event, news of a total DC reboot should come as good news for the lay person. With continuities so massively broken with numerous timelines, DC is starting their entire line from Issue #1 – with all issues available for digital purchase on the day of print release. Lagging hugely behind Marvel in terms of a
unified film vision, we can all hope this refocus results in the Justice League and Flash movies we have been waiting for.

– At this point half of Hollywood or so has been cast in The Dark Knight Returns, and Tom Hardy has seemingly ate the other half to bulk up to play Bane, so why not add Matthew Modine into the proceedings! His character has not been elaborated on, but as with the majority of his post-Full Metal Jacket roles, he will probably play a lawyer with a sinister side. In defence of casting agents, he kinda looks like he would take your house in court.

– The Old Spice guy really wants to be second-tier ’70s Marvel superhero Luke Cage in a movie. The question is: can he look like a total badass? To answer that question, he made his own pitch video to try and score the role. Judging from the lady in his bed, I bet he smells amazing. [Ed. note: video no longer available]

New pictures from the set of Men In Black III confirm it will have men in black, and beaches. Hearing all the rumours that this production was troubled, it’s nice to see them getting some R&R.

– Product placement gets silly sometimes, but I cannot imagine who signed off on this copy. I’ve heard of the White Lantern Corps but this is ridiculous.

Green Lantern Got Milk?

– After an emphatic and somewhat hilarious plea from Hawkman over his shafting in the DC Comics movie canon, Badass Digest, Film School Rejects and more remind everyone that the film treatment of that particular bird-hero is actually still in development. Not that it really needs to be. I would much rather have a Harvey Birdman movie in development.


X-Men: First Class comes out this weekend, and I will now helpfully summarize the critical, pre-release reaction from blogs and Twitter: it’s really good. Embargoes limit what I can say, but just imagine a handsome person grinning with a finger on the side of his nose. That handsome person is me, as is the finger and the nose and the grin.

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