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Hey Guys Watch This is the New Yorker’s first album of new original material since 2010.

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Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir at the Times Change(d) Cafe, Winnipeg

Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir

Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir.

Review – Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir at the Times Change(d) Cafe, July 17 2009

– review by Eugene Osudar

raging hard
bluesy and ballsy
waging sins
that we of mortal
flesh, carnal desires
and wild, burning
bush and burning
stick, temptations
willing and falling to
the pulsating prick of
The Falling Place
there’s a kiss
an abyss
an arrow and quiver
receiver and giver
we need to play in
we need to feel the heat
we need to stray in

a burning desire

Buried Them In Water
The Boig
Nehemiah’s Misfortune
Come Alone
Special Rider
Motherless Child
Stop and Listen
Go Back Home
Oh Sorrow
Death Don’t Have No Mercy
Neighborhood Butcher
Cool Drink of Water
Empire State Express
Table O’ The Lord
Yez M’am
Preaching Blues

10,000 Years
Bob’s new song
(there were a couple of new songs)
La Vaise De Balfa
Rainstorms In My Knees
St. Hubert
Dumb It Down
Taking It Out
Not Too Bad
One Sin
Fourteen Faces
John The Revelator

two sets
two and half hours
of aching,throbbing
rocking blues
and raunchy
Tom Waits howls
yells and stomps
and scowls

this is my Tom Waits Weekend,

Tom Fun Orchestra at The Park

Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir
at Times Changed

the influence
the homage
is clear
the raw power
and performance
of the music
the themes
of the songs
it’s poetry
it’s Tom Waits
it’s Downtown Train
it’s Swordfish Trombones
it’s wild it’s fire
it’s storm
it’s tornado
it’s noise
it’s hips swaying
hips thrusting
it’s songs about f#cking
(Big Black)

Peter Balkwill
pounding drums
like a symphony conductor
it is performance
it’s hitting the helmet
the iron
the will
the big round drum

Bob Keelaghan
guitars and vokes
sliding shot glass
on strings
sipping 12 year old
the flavoring
holding it in his mouth
as he sings
these f#cking songs
these songs of sin
these songs of desire

Judd Palmer
like E Brood
electric and vital
and core deep into your spine
guitars, harmonica
Tom Waits Voice

Vladimir Sobolewski
on the upright bass
trying to remain
standing after
so many rounds of
12 year old liquor
and more and more beer
and he’s leaning on the bass
standing tall
plucking the strings
as he nearly topples
falling to temptation eyes

this is rock n roll blues
on the mountain

this is passion

this is sin

these agnostics
these sinners
these fallers,

they’re calling!

these choir masters

Judd howls,
“who’s that calling?”

and we the corrupted choir

“John The Revelator!”

Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir
Times Change
July 17&18.

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