Nellie McKay releases her first album of new material in 13 years

Hey Guys Watch This is the New Yorker’s first album of new original material since 2010.

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Larissa from Fake Tears and Mr.Bo

fake tears 2

Bands with Cats – Larissa from Fake Tears and Mr.Bo

– by Cheena Jean Normandin

Your bands and roles? Fake Tears and Kellarissa/vocals, MicroKorg

What’s is your cat’s name? Mr. Maude Bojangles (Mr. Bo or Bobum for short)

What’s your cat’s origin story?

She came from the Vancouver SPCA in 2003.

What does Mr. Bo usually eat?

Usually my girlfriend, Jonelle, feeds her (it’s really her cat). We recently switched to raw food. She loves the raw chicken. And Temptations. I wish I had bought stock in Temptations.

What do you think your cat’s theme song is?

The theme song from “Maude.”

What is the most impressive thing that your cats has murdered?

She loves to eat spiders and this red feather cat toy.

If your cat sees a GIANT spider. What is it’s course of action?

Play with it and eat it.

fake tears 3

Where is the last inconvenient place that your cat has fallen asleep?

In the bedroom closet. She also likes to sleep inside the couch part of the hide-a-bed when guests are over.

If your cats threw a raging party, what are the staples on the playlist?

Nirvana, The Buggles, Barbra Streisand, Boney M.

If you wake up in a Freaky Friday situation with your feline, what’s the first course of action on its behalf?

Spell out “HELP” in kibbles.

Other pertinent information:

I am VERY allergic to her. She is an indoor cat but she can go in the backyard by herself (when we are home) and she won’t leave the yard. She cuddles with Jonelle, but only when I’m not home. There is a permanent cardboard box in the living room into which she usually jumps in the morning and in the evening. She has an automated litterbox. She likes to drink from the bathtub tap. The neighbour’s cat, Daisy, is her mortal enemy.

Here is a great little vid of Larissa and Mr. Bo!

fake tears

Vancouver’s Fake Tears have just released their new album on Mint Records and they have a show coming up on Aug 15 at The Lido. RSVP here!

Check them out on bandcamp, and like them on facebook !

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