Kelly Joe Phelps left a legacy of blues in a voice like ‘Kentucky bourbon on a rocky creekbed’

The death of Kelly Joe Phelps, one of “the most appreciated under-appreciated artists in history,” has left a mark on fans and friends.

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Vancouver collective presents High Klassified, Huxley Anne and more

Huxley Anne

Huxley Anne from L.A.

Preview – High Klassified and more at the Electric Owl, Vancouver, May 2 2015

– by Audrey Alexandrescu

The up-and-coming Vancouver collective High Etiquette puts on their much anticipated show tonight, May 2, at The Electric Owl.

Neil Assen, founder of the collective, describes them starting “as a group of young artistic juvenile delinquents getting high all day and making weird music on Ableton to spit raps to. Over the years we’ve expanded our creative realm by designing clothing, featuring local art, curating events that feature up and coming producers and DJs. We are currently still pre-launch and are developing projects in fashion, film, music, and entertainment/lifestyle for release in summer. Core members include myself (Frigid), Nikola Arizanovic (House of Tofu), Cody Waters (DABL) and Csaba Regenyi (Soul Poppa), with Brad Ishii and Paul Boici on our visual arts.”

The night is expected to be filled with the energy of good friends coming together to support and showcase talented local and not so local producers.


Headlining the show is High Klassified from Montreal. Signed with Fool’s Gold, his recent EP Palindroma has soul and airy vibes, listen to a song here:

Tsuruda and Huxley Anne are also being brought up from LA for a back-to-back set with their distinctive sounds of feely low bass and unique collaborations. Take a listen to a track here:

Local producer Ekali hits the stage with his deep sounds and emotional mixes, bringing good vibes and a memorable experience.

Sponsored by Mary Jane’s, you can find tickets at Red Cat Records, Zulu Records, and Ignite Smoke Shop.
Take a look at the event page here.



High Klassified

High Klassified.

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