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Ian from MOSFETT and Lucy

lucy and ian 5

Bands with Cats – Ian from MOSFETT and Lucy

– by Cheena Jean Normandin

Your name: Ian

Your band and role: MOSFETT. I sing and play guitar, Chase Mckenzie drums and sings, and Nick Saber plays bass.

What’s your cat’s given name? Lucy

lucy and ian

What’s Lucy’s origin story?

About 10 years ago my cat Mini passed away, before we had any time to grieve, my sister’s friend dropped Lucy off at our house the day after Mini died. My parents didn’t want another cat, but one look at her baby blues and they were hooked.

lucy and ian 3

What’s Lucy’s breed? She is half Himalayan and half Siamese.

If Lucy’s sees a large spider, what is her course of action?

She won’t quite kill it, usually just paw at it. She is far too lazy to commit full-on murder.

lucy and ian 2

What is Lucy’s theme song?

My mom named her after Lucille Ball, so I’d probably have to guess the I Love Lucy theme song.

If Lucy’s had a super power what do you think it would be?

She is an immovable object like The Blob from Xmen.

lucy and ian 4

What does Lucy listen to when she’s getting ready to prowl?

Lucy is a huge catnip stoner, so it’s probably Electric Wizard or Sleep.

What is the most formidable feat you have ever witnessed Lucy accomplish?

She once managed to piss all over our Christmas presents without anyone noticing ’til it was too late.

lucy and ian 7

What is the last thing Lucy murdered?

I have never actually seen her full-on kill anything. She has delivered me living birds, and once the biggest moth you have ever seen.

What does Lucy listen to on a lazy Sunday morning while basking in the sun?

Again, probably Electric Wizard or Sleep. Maybe Neu! if she’s in a good mood.

On a scale of 1-10 what are the chances Lucy is hatching an epic scheme?

If the scheme is getting food (which it is) then it’s a definite 10.

lucy and ian 6

MOSFETT’s has a show next Saturday May 3 ’14 at the Rainbow Connection.  

You can RSVP here!

And you can check them out online here:

MOSFETT bandcamp page

MOSFETT Facebook page

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