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Phantoms Again, ‘You Will Live Under the Sea’ (NSFW)

Phantoms Again

Phantoms Again at the Rickshaw Theatre, Dec 8 2013. Kirk Chantraine photo.

Video – Phantoms Again, ‘You Will Live Under the Sea”

A video from Vancouver band Phantoms Again for “You Will Live Under the Sea”, a song off their new seven-song release Half Dog. Listen to the EP on the Phantoms Again bandcamp page.

It looks as though the video is composed of found footage from a nudist camp (hence the “NSFW”). Beware, kiddies.

The trio consists of Cali Travis on vocals, Jensen Gifford on guitar and Travis Lacroix on drums. According to their Facebook page, “Phantoms Again are a dog-loving three-piece of buds who grabble garage-punk slacker jams and weave them with a little tenderness, a little heart, a dollop of honey.

“Crunchy, vintage guitar tones froth atop dance-y clever beats, while lady-led vocals lollygag from careless coos to growly jabs, all delivering a trove of catchy crunchberries.

“Will play for pizza.”

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