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U.S. Girls at the Cobalt

U.S. Girls at the Cobalt Vancouver

U.S. Girls at the Cobalt, Vancouver, Nov. 18 2013. Sandra Minarik photo.

Photos–U.S. Girls at the Cobalt Vancouver Nov 18 2013

– photos by Sandra Minarik

U.S. Girls on tour for the 2012 album Gem.

U.S. Girls is the recording and touring project of Toronto-based musician Meghan Remy. She played the Cobalt in Vancouver last night, Nov 18. She performed with just a microphone and a keyboard.

In an interview with Impose, Remy stated, “Getting out and performing in front of people has been a process for me – and it’s helped, but it hasn’t fixed anything. When U.S. Girls started, I would sit on the ground… [then came] standing in front of people. Then came looking at them, and I’m still working on that part.”

Toronto singer/songwriter Basia Bulat recently wrote about U.S. Girls for American music magazine Magnet.

“I fell in love with the music of U.S. Girls almost a year ago now and have remained a fervent convert ever since!” Bulat writes. “One of the many reasons why I love the newest single is because of how empowered I feel when I hear Meghan Remy sing it.”

Seattle’s Cock and Swan opened the Vancouver show. Unfortunately, Ether Island, a New Mexico band that is touring with Remy, had flight delays which resulted in a no-show.

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