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Family of the Year at Electric Owl

Christina Schroeter Family of the Year Vancouver

Christina Schroeter with Family of the Year at Electric Owl, Vancouver, April 24 2013. Issha Marie photo.

Photos – Family of the Year at Electric Owl, Vancouver, April 24 2013

– photos by Issha Marie

Family of the Year at Electric Owl in Vancouver April 24 2013.

L.A.-based band released its debut full-length Loma Vista in the summer of 2012. Songs include “Hero”, “Hey Ma” and “Living On Love”.

Formed in 2009, Family Of The Year is Joe Keefe (lead vocals, guitars), Sebastian Keefe (drums, vocals), James Buckey (guitars, vocals) and Christina Schroeter (keyboards, vocals).

According to the band’s bio, “The members of the Los Angeles outfit have formed unbreakable bonds amongst themselves that comes from co-habitating in a run-down house and relying on each other for inspiration and support, leading to the kind of camaraderie that allows members to finish each other’s sentences. Not surprisingly, many of the group’s songs feature numerous voices, and more than a few include a chorus of joyous handclaps. Some even sound like they should be sung by the tight-knit group around the campfire while the s’mores are melting and the wine is flowing.”

Photos – Family of the Year with Grouplove at Electric Owl 2011

For their album as well as their live show, Family Of The Year has garnered rave reviews from the likes of Entertainment Weekly and other media outlets. For instance:

Loma Vista is pure pop bliss. Enhanced by Keefe’s acerbic wit, it deserves to appear on many year-end Top 10 lists.” – Huffington Post

“Californian alt-pop at its finest…they’re a vivacious and brilliant evolution of the Cali-folk cult. A diamond in the dirt.” – Guardian UK

“The most compelling aspect of Family of the Year’s live show is the transparency ofthe band members’ genuine affection for each other. The Los Angeles-based indie group weaves together folk influences and male/female vocal harmonies to create a fun, lighthearted brand of nostalgic rock.” – San Francisco Bay Guardian (live review)

More Family of the Year Electric Owl April 24 2013 photos:

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