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As the release of Soberish looms, Liz Phair releases a new video

Liz Phair at Venue, Vancouver

Liz Phair at Venue, Vancouver, Oct 15 2010. Robyn Hanson photo

Liz Phair releases a second video from Soberish

The video for “Spanish Doors” from Liz Phair hit YouTube today, April 30.  The new song is from Soberish, Phair’s ‘s first album in a decade. The video is the second from the album, following “Hey Lou.”

The Chicago-raised singer/songwriter first rose to prominence with the release of the 1993 album Exile in Guyville. Phair evolved from an indie-darling to near-mainstream success with her 2003 self-titled album, which included the song “Why Can’t I.” Her last album of new material was 2010’s Funstyle.

Unlike the first video, which used stop-motion animation and clay versions of Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson, “Spanish Doors” is pretty basic—Phair in a few cut outfits, gambling about on a beach and in a field, and at one point checking her cel. 

For Soberish, Phair reunited with Brad Wood, producer of Exile In Guyville and its follow-up, Whip-Smart. The album is scheduled for release June 4. 

In 2019, Random House published Phair’s memoir, Horror Stories. “There are so many things to admire about Horror Stories, it’s hard to list them all… the real star of Horror Stories is Phair’s elegant but unpretentious writing, which proves she’s as adept at writing prose as she is at writing songs,” wrote NPR‘s Michael Schaub.

For more Liz, check out our photo gallery from Phair’s 2010 show in Vancouver

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