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Hey Guys Watch This is the New Yorker’s first album of new original material since 2010.

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On the road with Kllo. What’s for dinner?

s/he a foodie? (i.e., “So-and- so has to find a farmer’s market in every city we visit…”)

Kllo in Where the Rhubarb Meets the Road

Kllo is a young band formed by Melbourne cousins Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam.

The electronic pop duo recently released their full-length debut, Backwater (Ghostly International). The album follows a 2014 EP, Cusp, and a 2016 EP, Well Worn. Tracks on the full-length include “Last Yearn”, “Nylon” and “Virtue”. The latter is the album’s lead single.

A media release describes their music as a fusion of R&B, UK garage, and 2-step. The release cites James Blake, Lauryn Hill, and The xx as influences.

In the midst of a tour that brings them to the Waldorf in Vancouver tonight (Oct. 27), Kaul and Lam took the time out to answer our pulse-pounding questions in Where the Rhubarb Meets the Road.

1. Do you or any band members have any special food needs, allergies or eating disorders?

No, we both can eat everything.

2. What/where was the last great meal you had?

In Ann Arbor we went to an amazing restaurant called Spencer. We shared a variety of plates from pumpkin perogies, to Thai marinated carrots, to cheese platters to orange and poppy seed shortbread biscuits. All served over a couple of glasses of red wine.

3. Are you, or someone else in the band, what you might call a “foodie”? If so, in what way is s/he a foodie? 

Yes. We are always on the hunt to discover new and unusual foods. It is the best part of our day and is what we bond most over, even more so than music. We can never wait to eat after rehearsal, as it’s the easiest way for us to unwind and relax. It’s one of the best things about touring, too. Discovering new food and the culture that comes with that is priceless.

And Simon is always on a mission to find horchata when we are touring the US.

4. What is the one most important thing that you’ve learned about eating while touring?

Dont get too hooked on the green room snacks after gigs otherwise you’ll come back from tour a lot heavier.

5. What is the meal-of- last-resort when on the road?


6. How do you find places to eat–crowd-sourced via social media, restaurant reviews, Yelp?

Usually promoters of venues or friends/industry that we meet on tour.

7. Any shout-outs to venues that are especially memorable due to extraordinary food that comes with playing a show?

Soup Kitchen in Manchester do amazing soups and you can eat as much bread as you want on the side. Always hearty and healthy, which is perfect comfort food for the ice cold days spent there.

8. Locally-made craft IPA vs. a PBR (or, if neither, beverage of choice):


More Kllo tour dates:

Sat. Oct. 28 || Seattle, WA || VERA Project
Wed. Nov. 1 || Los Angeles, CA || The Resident
Thur. Nov. 2 || San Francisco, CA || Bottom of the Hill
Sat. Nov. 4 || Brooklyn, NY || Elsewhere
Sun. Nov. 5 || New York, NY || Berlin

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