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Singer finds inspiration and ‘defiant art’ in nature on new EP

New music – Stephanie Ratcliff, Things Above Ground

Vancouver new music – Stephanie Ratcliff’s new EP Things Above Ground out today!

Stephanie Ratcliff​ is releasing her new six-song EP today.

​Things Above Ground​ is the follow-up to her previous studio album, ​Memories of The World​. In contrast, the new record is “much more ethereal, cinematic sound than the freshman album,” according to a media release.

According to the media release, “Stephanie found her songwriting naturally shift in mood, melody, content, and creative imagination in ​Things Above Ground​. This inspirational collection of new songs connects to the breathtaking beauty found in the gradual growth and rebirth of the natural world, as well as the unsuspecting beauty found amidst human sadness and struggle. The album is conceptualized by Stephanie herself as defiant art: ‘Where there is so much fear, uncertainty, suspicion of “other” and outright violence, I wanted to try to counter that with something filled with beauty and love.’”

For the record, Ratcliff worked with Vancouver producer and sound engineer ​Daniel Klenner​ of The Space Studios. The record features modern electric guitar; next to retro-inspired synthesizers, and beat-pad percussion, interlaced with cello. A team of local musicians and vocalists (including ​Nathan Schubert, Brian Chan, Ryan Cadamia, Joel Shinness, Marc Poirier, Bre McDaniel, and Jocelyn Price​) also helped on Things Above Ground.

In celebration of the release of Things Above Ground, Ratcliff hosts a listening party at ​SOMA (2468 Scotia St., Vancouver, BC) ​tonight, May 5, at ​7:30 p.m​.

Listen – Stephanie Ratcliff, Things Above Ground:

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