NOBRO brings Polaris long-listed Set Your Pussy Free to Westward Music Festival

Kathryn McCaughey on NOBRO’s full-length debut, taxes and snake blood.

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The Radio Dept. at the Biltmore Cabaret

The Radio Dept. at the Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver, Feb. 28 2017. Kirk Chantraine photo.

The Radio Dept. at the Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver, Feb. 28 2017. Kirk Chantraine photo.

Photos – The Radio Dept. at the Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver, Feb. 28 2017

– photos by Kirk Chantraine

The Radio Dept at the Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver on Tuesday night.

The Swedish band is on tour for their 2016 album Running Out Of Love, on Labrador Records. It’s their first album since the critically acclaimed 2010 record Clinging To A Scheme.

In a media release last fall, the band stated:

“We have just finished our 4th full-length album, Running Out Of Love. An album about life in Sweden in 2016 and how our society seems to be in regression on so many levels. Politically, intellectually, morally…It’s an album about all the things that are moving in the wrong direction. It’s about the impatience that turns into anger, hate and ultimately withdrawal and apathy when love for the world and our existence begins to falter.”

The band has been caught up in a lengthy legal battle with its record label and publisher. “Ultimately we lost the court case but still managed to reach an agreement with the record company that gave us the motivation to create music again,” the statement reads.

It goes on to say: “In the summer of 2014, ideas and a concept for Running Out Of Love started to come together and the single ‘Death To Fascism’, now too old to be included, was the first effort towards the new album. Later, more new songs started to appear. The court case is taken care of in ‘Occupied’, the Swedish weapon and arms industry in ‘Swedish Guns’ and ‘We Got Game’ is about the proud police tradition of protecting Nazis and racists, whilst at the same time using brutal violence against opposing groups of protesters.”

Band members include Johan Duncanson and Martin Carlberg.

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