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In praise of Nelson, B.C.


Interview – Krafty Kuts

– by Kalisi Luv

For more than 20 years, Krafty Kuts (aka Martin Reeves) has been contributing to the world-wide electronic music scene.

He dipped his toe in the pool by managing his own record store in Brighton, UK. He went on to master the art of cutting, scratching, sampling and mixing while producing his own legendary breakbeat tracks like “Tricka Technology” (created with long time pal A. Skillz) and “Gimme the Funk (Southern Fried)”.

Both Vancouver and Victoria are excited to welcome the producer back for some end-of-the-summer rowdiness Aug. 29 and Sept. 6, respectively.

Twisted Productions will be the first to host Krafty Kuts in Vancouver on The Queen of Diamonds for a very special Yacht Party from 6:30 p.m.-10 p.m. The night will start with music from Twisted residents Kraig and Precise during a light dinner, then move on to some classic Krafty tunes mixed with hip hop, future funk and breakbeats.

Then, on Sunday, Sept 6, Krafty Kuts will lay down what he says will be “the best set of the tour” in Victoria at Distrikt Nightclub for the Labour day Long Weekend Party. DJ Generic will open with an eclectic mix of breaks, drum & bass, glitch, trap and dubstep before Krafty Kuts takes over with what he says will be “the strongest set I’ll have, with the best forms of music put together to create, hopefully, the ultimate set for people to go off to.”

Here is what Krafty Kuts had to say about the Canadian EDM scene.

Kalisi Luv: What difference do you see between the UK and Canadian electronic music scenes?

Krafty Kuts: A massive difference. The Canadians are into bass music in a massive way, they are not into the deep house. Obviously, a lot of Canadians are into techno, like in Montreal, Edmonton, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. But the majority of them are into bass-driven music and hip hop and mid-tempo, just good funky music.

I’d prefer to live in Canada - the music scene for me is more my bag than in England, where it is all deep house and drum and bass and that’s it. I love drum and bass but I don’t want to go to a drum and bass show every night.

The breaks scene used to be huge in the UK - Fabric was one of the biggest clubs pushing that sound, and it’s definitely coming back again and hopefully here to stay but it is taking its time to wissle its way through.

KL: What is your favourite place to play in Canada?

KK: There are quite a few. Edmonton has a crazy kind of real knowledgeable bass scene. They bring in a lot of underground DJs, and it has a good underground scene.

I would say Vancouver is probably the best place, Victoria is pretty good as well, but Vancouver has good venues, it’s a great city. People really enjoy their music there, they are really into breaks and the midtempo stuff.

Toronto has its moments, Calgary is not as sparkly and bright as all the other cities but the scene there is brilliant. Nelson is probably the best smallest city to play in, in the world. It really is. There isn’t another place I have played in [that I like more].

KL: Do you have any favourite Canadian DJs or producers?

KK: Canada’s where it’s at now. – Keys N Krates, Skratch Bastid, The Gaff, A-Track, Grand Theft  – OMG, they are so good. Matt the Alien. Canada’s full of some of the best DJs in the world. I could go on.

KL: What is one of your favourite shows you’ve done in Victoria?

KK: There was one with Deekline that was really amazing. Some really great shows I’ve done were ones with the Funk Hunters and another with The Gaff. To be honest, probably the Deekline one stands out because it was ridiculous.

I’m lucky to have had fantastic shows in Victoria. Victoria has an abundance of great DJs and hopefully the Funk hunters will be back in town. I’ve had many memorable nights in Victoria - they certainly know how to party. Hopefully we will get everyone out of the woodwork on Sunday and rage. It’s the end of the tour so I want to go out on a high.

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