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Angus and Julia Stone at the Vogue Theatre

Angus and Julia Stone at the Vogue Theatre, Vancouver

Angus and Julia Stone at the Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, Oct. 10 2014. Kirk Chantraine photo.

Photos–Angus and Julia Stone at the Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, Oct. 10 2014

– photos by Kirk Chantraine

Angus and Julia Stone at the Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, Friday night.

The duo is touring in support of their third album, Angus & Julia Stone. The record marks a reunion for the siblings. They split following their tour support for their 2010 record Down the Way to pursue solo careers. However, producer Rick Rubin was lured the Australian brother-and-sister act back into the studio.

Photos–Angus Stone at the Electric Owl, Vancouver, 2012

Snipe editor/publisher Shawn Conner had a chance to chat with Julia about the record for the Vancouver Sun. The bulk of that interview is here. Meanwhile, below are some excerpts from that phone conversation. Stone was in London at the time, where she was preparing for the start of the group’s North American tour.

You can see more photos from the band’s Vancouver show after the interview.

Shawn Conner: Is there a song on the new album where you think Angus really shows what he can do songwriting-wise?

Julia Stone: I would have to say “Crash and Burn”. That song I really had nothing to do with. It was all Angus. When I heard it I was instantly moved by the lyrics and the way his voice sounds and just the feeling of the song, the looseness of it. I think he really captured what music is about, for me – friends connecting and making sounds and singing about your fears and hopes with what love can bring in your life. Every time I hear him sing it live I have the same experience. It’s a really magical song to me.

My word for it

SC: And is there a song of yours he particularly likes?

JS: He really loves a song that I sing, which is one we worked on together, called “My Word for It”. He’s so sweet. Every night, because we just started doing our tours, we’re deciding what songs to put in. Now we’ve done two solo records and three records together and a whole bunch of EPs, it’s a lot of songs to choose from, so it’s a bit of a battle with ourselves over which songs get played.

And every night he’s like, “I want to play ‘My Word For It’, I want to play ‘My Word For It’.” I really like that because it took me a long time for me to like. It started out as something different. He helped me turn it into a song with a more grunge-y feel. It was pretty foreign to what I was used to. It’s kind of dirty and sexy and I like that about it. I like as well that he put so much into it.


Julia Stone at the Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, Oct. 10 2014. Kirk Chantraine photo.

Other Things

SC: Who wrote the lyrics for “Other Things”, which begins “Go put the cat outside”?

JS: Angus did. We had a cat growing up for about 20 years called Buster. I don’t know if that’s the cat he’s talking about. It’s one of those smoke-a-joint, get-high, that’s kind of the story – just lying on the soft grass at Shangri-La [Rubin’s studio], writing a song in the morning and recording it a couple of hours later.

SC: Apparently Rubin has a lot of music memorabilia. Was there anything you were tempted to steal, say an ashtray used by Keith Richards?

JS: Well, there was Ozzy Osbourne‘s rice cooker, so there was a thought, ‘cos I totally love having rice-cooker on the road, and the fact that it was Ozzy Osbourne’s was pretty exciting. I’m not a real thief though. I don’t have it in my bones. I tried to steal something once as a kid and couldn’t do it. My mom instilled so much guilt in me around stealing I never really got the hang of it. Couldn’t do it. Wish I could.

More photos:

Kirk Chantraine

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