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Vancouver singer previews her second album Only the End with the release of a collaboration with Bonnie “Prince” William.

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Rogue Wave’s Zach Rogue

Rogue Wave Nightingale Floors

Rogue Wave plays the Biltmore Cabaret July 16 in support of its new album Nightingale Floors. Terri Loewenthal photo.

Interview – Rogue Wave

– by Ria Nevada

Rogue Wave has plodded through some rocky waters in the Oakland bandís 11-year career. Nightingale Floors, their fifth full-length release (their first via Vagrant Records) is a meditation and celebration of their most heartrending life experiences.

Frontman Zach Rogue and drummer Pat Spurgeon pulled together established musicians in the indie scene including Masanori Mark Christianson (The Heavenly States), Peter Pisano (Peter Wolf Crier), Jules Baenziger (Sea of Bees) and Ross Peacock (Mwahaha) to plump up their nouveau-garage synth sound on the road this summer. Fans in Vancouver can check them out at the Biltmore Cabaret on July 16. Theyíre now at the tail end of the tour and I put Rogue in the hot seat to figure out how the shows were going and gain a better insight into their musical tastes and influences.

Rogue Wave Nightingale Floors

Ria Nevada: Hi Zach! Am I catching you in Oakland right now? Are you guys getting a bit of R&R from a month of non-stop touring?

Zach Rogue: Yeah, weíre taking a bit of R&R for a few days. Actually, Iíve been trying to stay home. I went to the County Fair.

RN: I guess thereís nothing like sleeping in your own bed.

ZR: Yeah, thatís pretty much my speed after being out and about you know?

RN: I was trying to dig up some old reviews or interviews with you guys from here in Vancouver but didnít seem to find anything. Will your show on the 16th be your first time performing in BC?

ZR: No itís not our first time but it has been a while. Honestly I think the last time we played in Vancouver was at Richard’s on Richards with Nada Surf. Gosh, Iím guessing that was four or five years ago? Itís been a long time.

Review and photosĖNada Surf at Lee’s Palace, Toronto, March 29 2010

RN: You guys have gone through a few personal battles and hardships in the past few years. And the new record is a beautiful expression of how youíve bounced back from these experiences with guns blazing. Do you find yourselves feeling a little more vulnerable on stage these days? Or has this brought you closer to your audiences?

ZR: You know, I thought when we were rehearsing, we hadnít toured in three years, I thought that I was going to be feeling that way. But honestly, since we started touring, itís just been nothing but gratitude. Iíve felt really grateful for the audience weíve had for such a long time and honestly weíve played shows where thereís young people that Iíve kind of like seen them grow up (laughs). And they still want to be here every time weíre in town. I thought I was going to feel a little naked and vulnerable but honestly Iíve realized that the people who want to see us play, theyíre part of us and you just feel really lucky.

Video – Rogue Wave, “Used To It” (Pandora Whiteboard Sessions):

RN: Just out of curiosity, whatís the deal with the brackets around the Ďaí on the track “S(a)tan” from Nightingale Floors?

ZR: (laughs) Satan is very crafty. Letís just leave it at that.

RN: Youíre touring with Caveman this summer, another incredibly talented group of guys who also joined forces after playing in different separate bands for years. I feel like you all must just be a whole troop of kindred spirits on the road!

ZR: Yeah, we had such a good time with Caveman. I had not met them before the tour started and I just liked their band. We hit it off with them really well. We bonded big time with those guys. Theyíre huggers is what they are! They like to hug.

Review and photos – Caveman at the Biltmore Cabaret, April 20 2012

RN: Back in the day, you guys did a cover of Buddy Hollyís ďEverydayĒ and fans went wild for it. If Buddy was still around, which song of yours would you like to hear him cover?

ZR: (laughs) What would I want Buddy Holly to cover? Thatís a good one. Geez. Gosh, thatís a really good question. Iíd like to hear Buddy Holly do ďWe Will Make a Song DestroyĒ. That would be really entertaining.

RN: Letís get down to the dirt. Whoís the last person or band that youíd ever want to cover you guys?

ZR: Aw! Meaning who do I like the least? Wow, thatís so mean! Thatís a mean question to ask!

RN: I know. Iím putting you on the spot a little bit. But maybe just think of a collaboration that wouldnít work out.

ZR: Thatís so funny. Well I think I really wouldnít want to hear The Cranberries cover us. I donít need yodeling on any of our songs. I think that would probably do us a disservice. That would probably not make me too happy.

RN: They would take away from your essence. I agree.

ZR: (laughs) Geez, I donít know. I think thatís a pretty good one. Oh wait, no no no no no, let me think. No, I think that the sillier the band actually the better. So yeah, Iíll stick with The Cranberries. I think that would not be good for us.

RN: Thanks for talking to me on your downtime Zach! Hope to catch you in Vancouver!

ZR: Well thank you. You have a good rest of your day.


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