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Nash the Slash

Comic - Nash the Slash

Comic – Nash the Slash

– by Shawn Conner

Just heard that Nash the Slash is dead, at 66, according to the Toronto Star.

Here’s a comic strip I did last year about his life…

Back in the ’80s, a strangely attired Canadian electric violinist made waves on the international scene.

Nash the Slash was actually Toronto-based musician Jeff Plewman. He played with the FM-radio friendly ’70s rock band FM (“Phasors On Stun”), but his solo act really took off when he started dressing like Claude Rains in the Invisible Man.

Growing up in the ’80s myself, my memories of Nash are vague. However I do recall the awesome album cover of his first full-length, Children of the Night (which I tried to reproduce in the comic). I don’t think I ever saw him live (and it’s something I think I would’ve remembered). He recently retired, for reasons given on the Nash the Slash “gravesite”. I suspect he may just have gotten tired of wrapping his head in bandages.

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Nash the Slash comic

Nash the Slash comic


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