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Revisit Twin Peaks with some Damn Fine Coffee!

Vancouver, Toronto artists contribute to new Twin Peaks ‘zine

– by Ryan Ingram

You’ll never get the chance to taste Twin Peaks’ infamous cherry pie and damn fine coffee, but  you can feed your eyeballs with the equivalent.

Baltimore-based illustrator Andrea Kalfas has invited 30 artists to contribute to her fantastic-looking zine, which celebrates the David Lynch-helmed cult classic. Titled Damn Fine Coffee! A Twin Peaks Fan Zine, the preview artwork make it look like it’ll be trippy fun on par with a backwards-dance party in the Red Room.

Kalfas showed off the cover to the zine yesterday  that will go on sale during September’s Small Press Expo. And a Twin Peaks fan-site has an exclusive preview of a bunch of the artwork, including two pieces by Vancouver-based illustrator Andrew Schick, who took a turn at Log Lady and eye-patch-wearing Nadine (see below). Toronto-based artists Trevor Henderson and Jenn Woodall will also be in the mix.

You should be able to order a copy shortly after the SPX.

Andrew Schick's Log Lady

Andrew Schick's Nadine


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