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Frank Frazetta’s John Carter

Frank Frazetta painting John Carter

Frank Frazetta painting.

Frank Frazetta’s John Carter paintings and illustrations

When John Carter hits theatres March 9, for many the question won’t be, “Does the movie live up to the books?” The question will be, “Does it live up to the covers of the books?”

Moreso even than the pulp prose of writer Edgar Rice Burroughs, Frank Frazetta‘s paintings and illustrations of Burroughs’ “Barsoom” (Mars) have infiltrated the pop culture consciousness, at least among sci-fi and fantasy fans. The famed fantasy illustrator, whose work also helped bring Conan into the mainstream, has been imitated by hundreds if not thousands of artists who still struggle to capture the power of Frazetta’s imagery. Now it’s up to special effects artists to try to recreate, or surpass, Frazetta’s work.

Take a look at some of his work for Burroughs’ series of Mars novels, and ask: can even the best CGI ever even come close?

Warlord of Mars Frank Frazetta painting

Warlord of Mars by Frank Frazetta

Warlord of Mars Frazetta Banth Tower

Warlord of Mars' Banth Tower by Frank Frazetta

John Carter by Frank Frazetta

John Carter by Frank Frazetta. Can even the best CGI even come close?

YouTube video – John Carter of Mars by Frank Frazetta in black-and-white:

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