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Nada Surf at Lee’s Palace, Toronto

Nada Surf at Lee's Palace, Toronto, 2010

Nada Surf at Lee’s Palace, Toronto, 2010. Bonnie Crawford photo

Review and photos - Nada Surf at Lee’s Palace, Toronto, March 29 2010

-review by Eugene Osudar/photos by Bonnie Crawford

sometimes, when you see
a band so great, like
Thrush Hermit, the day
before and in the very same
venue but to a different kind
of audience, Thrush’s audience
is embrace
while Nada Surf
is a different kind of
embrace, it’s touch and

the musical palette isn’t
clear, ready to embrace,
my musical palette
after so many shows
over a few delirious

Lover’s Rock
not the jagged type
of The Clash
but this beautiful
pretty kind
the kind of Nada Surf.

Nada Surf at Lee's Palace, March 29 2010. Bonnie Crawford photo

Nada Surf at Lee’s Palace, March 29 2010. Bonnie Crawford photo

what i saw
looking around
Lee’s Palace
packed solid (again)
were Lovers,
men and women
touching and caressing
to the sweeping building
of majestic
guitar and sweet soul

Nada Surf
isn’t big bold beautiful
like Thrush Hermit
they’re just right
for a woman to caress
her man’s bottommmmmm

perfect for a man to knead
his woman’s neck

a hand on mid/back
gliding and sliding
sweeping over their
lower back
or hand in hand
and a little dance
with your dance
partner of The Now.

that’s Lover’s Rock

Nada Surf‘s rock.

i was alone and re-writing
my Black Lips review
which was somehow
lost in the cyber worlds,

and then i saw her
a vision
of Lynne,

my frantic film dancing
from Winnipeg
i closed my book
and opened my thoughts
to this beauty
all around me
before me

(she is beautiful)

men and women
touching and holding,

i tapped her on the shoulder

“there’s a reason i love you!”
or something like that
and as she turned
her instant joy
made me know

is a perfect Monday
in Toronto.

she kinda had a feeling
that i’d be here,there
and i forgot she had
told me she may be
in Toronto while i was
here, now.

Nada Surf
began with the songs
Lynne wanted to hear,
Whose Authority and Happy Kid
and we’re dancing,

60s based pop
when voices mattered
and were
gorgeous and layered
and guitars sweetly

a gift from The Beatles
to generations
then and now and beyond.

a beautiful thank you.

Nada Surf at Lee's Palace, March 29 2010. Bonnie Crawford photo

Nada Surf at Lee’s Palace, March 29 2010. Bonnie Crawford photo

i could write about the wildly dancing
dread string
twirl locks
of the bassist,

but i won’t

i’d rather
the lovers

backs and

that’s the essence of Nada Surf

it’s Lover’s Rock.

it’s warm
rubbed along
oiled skin
under candlelight,

sparkling eyes
honey kisses
and luscious

that’s the way
i like it

with slices of mango
and berries
smooshing into
canvas skin
love expressionism

that’s Nada Surf.

there were cover
songs, from their new

Depeche Mode
and Kate Bush
(stunningly brilliant
and all of her songs
build into textured
beauty, curvaceous

21 songs
90 minutes

see those eyes
whose authority
happy kid
killian’s red
what’s your secret
love goes on
80 windows
treading water
your legs grow
fruit fly
enjoy the silence
ice on the wing
blonde on blonde
blizzard of 77
neither heaven nor space
love and anger
hi-speed soul

do it again
always love
blankest years

Nada Surf
is a beautiful
over ice cream.

i like that.

Nada Surf
Lee’s Palace
March 29.

Nada Surf at Lee's Palace, March 29 2010. Bonnie Crawford photo

Nada Surf at Lee’s Palace, March 29 2010. Bonnie Crawford photo

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