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Thrush Hermit reunion at Lee’s Palace, Toronto

Thrush Hermit reunion tour

Thrush Hermit at Lee’s Palace, March 28 2010. Sarah Litwin photo

Review and photos–Thrush Hermit reunion at Lee’s Palace, Toronto March 28 2010

– review by eugene osudar/photos by Sarah Litwin

fresh ears/eyes/fragrance
breath. this is a journey
one time last time
concert in Toronto
big city, big cool, big
frowns, big hearts
big sounds.

they have their mojo
Thrush Hermit
tripping back to the 90s
eric’s trip
Halifax xplosion.
big bold beautiful

i’ve seen bands
on this TO trip
but nothing compares
to the ferocity
passion and fullness
of their guitars, their
bass, their booming drums

Thrush Hermit at Lee's Palace, March 28 2010. Sarah Litwin photo

Thrush Hermit at Lee’s Palace, March 28 2010. Sarah Litwin photo

Cliff Gibb is beautiful
bold and immense
and fragile and part
of the band
the heartbeat of the band


it’s 1992
it’s 95 and
it’s the end
99. in 2010
time traveling…

the frowns of grey
like the puddles
outside disappear
inside the black
Lee’s Palace
an all ages show
the final show
of reunion

this is a band
that bleeds me
like Big Star
they’re not 70s
though some,time
there are seeds
not 80s, though
there are roots,
in their flowering
over(t)ly powering.
90s (ah)musings.

Joel Plaskett
guitars and vocals
mic stand wrestler

Rob Benvie
guitars and vocals

Ian McGettigan
bass and vocals
clowning around
balancing his bass
on his chin
very first song.

20 songs
103 minutes
sold out
Lee’s Palace
on a sunday afternoon.

there are no frowns
inside the blackness
of Lee’s Palace
only smiles
in the big city of cool frowns
and lips
moving to every
of every song
and heads bopping
as Joel pops
and coils and recoils
and bursts
in kicks
and nearly
face plants
tripping on his guitar
cord. he grins.

it’s Cliff’s thundering
and perfect
holding of his immense
bang thundering,
neon rock and roll
behind the kit
it’s only 90s rock n roll
but i like it!
we like it

Thrush Hermit at Lee's Palace, March 28 2010. Sarah Litwin photo

Thrush Hermit at Lee’s Palace, March 28 2010. Sarah Litwin photo

North Dakota
Hated It
French Inhale
On The Sneak
Oh My Soul
Strange To Be Involved
Great Pacific Ocean
Oh Man What To Do
Heading South
Violent Dreams
Back of The Film
We Are Being Reduced
25 Alright
Sorry If Your Heart Has No More Room
The Day We Hit The Coast
All Dressed Up

undeniable unfathomable
rippling tingles and chills
the order of their time
trip. every song
time and space to move
and groove and thunder
is it any wonder
how didn’t they
why couldn’t they
are they
our wondrously
Big Star?

what if Rush could rock?
they’d be Thrush Hermit.

these guys look
so different
but the songs
their songs
driven by the heart/drum/beat
of that drummer

one of the best
I Have Ever Seen


bring them together
in this instant
this now

Thrush Hermit at Lee's Palace, March 28 2010. Sarah Litwin photo

Thrush Hermit at Lee’s Palace, March 28 2010. Sarah Litwin photo

i missed Thrush Hermit
when they played
in the 90s

and so my surprise
my joy
is the joy i felt
when i saw Elvis Costello
and The Attractions
in 78

That Power
That Fury
That Rawness
it’s not New Wave
or Punk
that swirling
and jack
rhythm section.

serious mojo.

Patriot and North Dakota
and Hated It
send chills
up and down my rocky

guitar line
in French Inhale

On The Sneak
is raw power.

Oh My Soul
is a revelation
this band doesn’t sound
like they haven’t been
playing every day/night
for ten years
the rip the roar
they scourge
they floor.

Noose and Uneventful
the drumming!
through sad and dirge
super grind
swirl song.

Great Pacific Ocean
ferocious song
immense like
the title.

Heading South
is when i feel it
this song reminds me
of a 90s Bangkok
Alex Chilton’s song
and that’s when
i go to Big Star
hearing Rob’s voice
like Alex’s
and that melody,
i Love this song.

These Violent Dreams
is sweeping and grand
and power
a little Motorhead
a lotta 90s
Joel sings into
his guitar pickup.

Back of The Film
Joel sings and takes
spotlights swirling
to the audience
and stage
rocks us
into a frenzy
and sets up an
roar encore

25 Alright
we’re dancing
we’re singing

as Joel jokes,
“until the next box set –”
Rob doesn’t miss a beat

i can’t wait
that long.
the complete
Thrush Hermit
music catalogue
released, DVD too.

this band
is big
and no more.

now i understand
why the two guys
behind me
traveled from
to see all 3 shows
in Toronto.

Thrush Hermit
Dinosaur Bones
Lee’s Palace.
March 28.

Thrush Hermit at Lee's Palace, March 28 2010. Sarah Litwin photo

Thrush Hermit at Lee’s Palace, March 28 2010. Sarah Litwin photo

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