NOBRO brings Polaris long-listed Set Your Pussy Free to Westward Music Festival

Kathryn McCaughey on NOBRO’s full-length debut, taxes and snake blood.

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Linda Hamilton and Sarah Silverman Share Their Man Gripes; Naomi Campbell A-Ok

Sarah Silverman - am I pretty?

Sarah Silverman - am I pretty?

Memes Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

So Despite being incredibly kick-ass in the Terminator movies, Linda Hamilton still seems to have some issues with her ex-husband, James Cameron, whom you might have heard of. In a very long, oversharey interview she describes how he dumped his second wife for her and then dumped her for his next wife who he then proceeded to dump to get back together with
Linda again and then dump Linda to get back with her, where he still is. For now. Cameron can be credited with having good taste in women – they all seem to be smart, accomplished chicks who nonetheless hang around and fight over James Cameron, who seems like an asshole. Yes, we’re back to that meme: women like assholes evidently.

Pretty, Oh So Pretty

Moving on, but not too far, Sarah Silverman, despite being a mostly kick-ass stand-up comedienne, seems to have some issues with her ex, Jimmy Kimmel, because he never told her she was pretty. What?!? Having every reasonably cool and intelligent human being with a penis on the continent completely hot and bothered about you isn’t enough, Sarah? Sigh. Fortunately her new boyfriend, who is not famous, but who is a super-cute writer or something, tells her she is pretty, and now she’s happy. I don’t know what message this is supposed to be sending, but I don’t think Jimmy Kimmel is an asshole, even still.

Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman

Naomi and the Russian Billionaire – A Truly Modern Relationship

While we’re on the subject of assholes, Naomi Campbell‘s handsome Russian billionaire boyfriend is married, and lives with his wife and teenage daughter in London during the times he’s not on a private jet or yacht with Naomi. As much as this is outraging to so many people, they are wrong! If Naomi had an issue with this, don’t you think by now Mrs. Russian Billionaire would have woken up with a decapitated horse head and her lover would be on life support? This is actually the most reasonable, down-to-earth behavior Naomi’s exhibited in a while. Now excuse me while I go find a Russian billionaire in an open relationship to buy me a reportedly $18 million dollar mansion in Brazil to lounge around in when he’s not flying me around on private jets to private yachts. As long as he remembers to tell me I’m pretty of course.

Naomi Campbell. Didn't she date that bassist from U2?

Naomi Campbell. Didn't she date that bassist from U2?

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