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Hey Guys Watch This is the New Yorker’s first album of new original material since 2010.

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Thirty Seconds to Mars’ This Is War TwitteReview

Well the verdicts are coming in – the new Thirty Seconds to Mars album is ‘SO FREAKING GOOD!!!!’, ‘AMAZING’ and ‘horrendous’, depending on whose Tweet you believe.

This is War – The Reviews (in 140 characters or less)

In our desire to present the most varied cross-section of opinions as possible, at least as can be found on a social networking platform that appeals to people 16-21, we’ve collected a variety of brief reviews about the new Thirty Seconds to Mars album, This Is War. We hope you enjoy.

[Oh, and if you see your Tweet on here and want it taken down, all you have to do is ask. We don’t want to piss off any 30 Seconds to Mars fans! Well, no more than we already have…]

The Yays

@dutchstrong The new 30 Seconds to Mars CD is SO FREAKING GOOD!!!!

@vampire_kixx i am currently obsessed wit 30 seconds to mars…theyre song “kings and queens” is madddd good =)

@Pirra_Jaide @avflox I agree completely. I love it too. But then, I love everything 30 Seconds to Mars does….

@itsmessara OMG 30 SECONDS TO MARS

@madirocks213 holy crap!! the new 30 seconds to mars album #thisiswar is absolutly amazing so far!!

@roguemouse Listening to 30 Seconds To Mars new album. EPICNESS OF EPIC PROPORTIONS IS EPIC.

The Yays, Call the Doctor Dept

@RukiaDoll this new 30 Seconds to Mars albume THIS IS WAR is AMAZING!!! im talking chills people!!!!!

@ZakBarney 30 seconds to mars just blew my mind!

@avflox Could 30 Seconds to Mars be any more perfect right now? I wish I could understand that This Is War is not a food. My soul wants to eat it.


@KendraCicely Obsessed with 30 Seconds to Mars’s ThisisWar.

@NickPlaysDrums I literally want to stop everything I’m doing so I can just listen to 30 Seconds to Mars- This Is War.

Inevitable Comparisons to U2

@jdeep79 New 30 seconds to mars ‘this is war’ AMAZING bono wishes he was this good

Hmm, Maybe Thirty Seconds to Mars Isn’t as Horrendous As I Thought They Were

@petercoffin I’ve never been a fan of 30 Seconds to Mars, but this Hurricane track is VERY interesting.

Nope, They’re Horrendous

@pengui To sum up todays listening party, Clipse is a damn good CD. Gucci Mane a distant second. Chris Brown and 30 seconds to mars were horrendous

@rubyredshoe 3 AM again 🙁 and I eat chocolate. Interesting news, I bet its more interesting than the shitty new 30 Seconds to Mars album. Muahaha.


@orangeblimp new we the kings and 30 seconds to mars albums!! pretty good so far!

@BurningMoon17 Just listened to “L490” by 30 Seconds to Mars. Um creepy. Sounds like some cult chanting.

@Lukki_Star I kind of want to get 30 seconds to mars’ new album, but their music just depresses me so much…

@JustMarc 30 Seconds to Mars isnt bad by any means. they’re just boring, aside from some of their stuff, like “The Kill”. good single.

What Foreign-Language Speakers Are Saying

@mariovinas Navidad? ni me mandaron sus tres opciones pal intercambio [Translation: What the fuck? Jared Leto has three balls?]

@320kbs gente, alguém sabe o que é 30 seconds to mars? perae vou ver no google [Translation: ‘Jared Leto, why do you sing like a man so constipated?’]

@Keysha28 El álbum This is War de 30 seconds to mars, que salio hoy a la venta! 😀 [Translation: Open a vent! The new 30 seconds to mars album has just been unwrapped!]

This Is War Lyrics

@astrimaleti “Crash, crash, burn. Let it all burn. This sorry can’t change things I so long to cry” –30 Seconds to Mars

We Pray God You’re Wrong, Man

@jasonlyleblack Listening to 30 seconds to mars “Kings and Queens.” It doesn’t get much better than this.

Is Such a Thing Even Possible?

@cloudsolo This is War may be 30 Seconds to Mars’ best album. I loved A Beautiful Lie, but I think this is better. Buy it!

@gbergmann fyi “ABL” is A Beautiful Lie 30 Seconds to Mars sophomore album, This Is War is there latest album that absolutely blew ABL out of hte water

This Is War Album Cover

@BritRick09 Ewwww What’s up with the 30 Seconds To Mars album covers? Couldn’t they get cute people and Hot guys?

@gunsandbutter12 @shortstephy ahhhh my phone died so I didn’t get to see your tweet. Its 30 Seconds To Mars new album This Is War. It has my face…

The Verdict

@COSPLAYKITTEN after watching the new 30 seconds to mars video, Jared Leto needs to stop shaving again, he’s way hotter that way.

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