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Jesse DeNatale at Park Theatre, Winnipeg


Review and photos–Jesse DeNatale at the Park Theatre, Winnipeg Oct 02 2009

– review by Eugene Osudar/photos by Mike Latschislaw

“cigarettes and candy
got some tattoo art
on a hot june night
on a railroad park
they were talking bout
the boredom…
they were talking bout the near
they were talking bout the far
looks like everything’s done
nothing’s begun
for children of the sun.”

Children Of The Sun
begins with piano
that feels
like a lingering
that Tom Waits/like
that beautiful
sense of wonder
and these words
on your waiting
for this tuneful

these poetics

by Jesse DeNatale

and i’m dancing
at the back
i’m flying

every song
every line
every word

“Now it seems that
all the best ones
have been driven
If there is a leak
in the boiler room,
it is the music of
Jesse DeNatale,
a unique and original
American voice.”

the words of Tom Waits
his words about Jesse DeNatale
there were a hundred romantic
fools absent last night

Where were you?

you missed an awesome
night of music
and wonder

and love’s


Van Morrison
Dr John
Bob Dylan
Tom Waits
Michael Ondaatje
Flight and
Love’s Renewal

when this underground
this genius
came to town
and shared his magic
with the 100
at the Park Theater

“black tee-shirts and jewelry
feeling so lovelorn
neath the big marquee
eating popcorn…
did you see the movie
explode on the screen…
they’ll never be outdone
by stories we’ve spun.”


and before it began,
Jules takes Amanda’s
(on stage)
and takes a knee
before 100 witnesses
and asks
with offered ring
for Amanda’s hand,
her heart and soul
in marriage
and i’m crying
as then)
because that’s all
it takes.

is all.
it ever

Jesse and i talk
about this after
the show’s all done

(Amanda and Jules
are the show’s presenters,
they are Candor
and they’ve
been a couple
for 4 years)

how the band was all teary
and how he led
off their set

She’s The One

an hour and 45
the most beautiful
marriage of
melodies and words,
of poetry, dear Reader,
and playing
a band that has been
together for
48 hours
can possibly

She’s The One
Hallelujah Rain
Montgomery St.
Soul Parade
A Lot To Look For
Twilight King
Jungle Town
Lady On The Balcony
I Am The Wind
Children Of The Sun
If You See Him
Streets Of Darkness

Soul Parade,

“i’m walking down that dusty
wondering what just might unfold
all upon a summers day
sugar for sugar and salt for salt
if it comes out right
it ain’t your fault
moving to this soul parade
shake my hand
tip my hat
everybody’s gonna be like that
ain’t nobody castaway…”


this poetry
moves mountains
hearts and seas
histories and
of love
and falling places
on one knee
where we kiss
Jules and Amanda
and breathe
love’s refreshing air
and see bright flowers
all these colors
these dreams
they’re dancing
in the colored lights
that feel like
this instant
of a when with
double rainbows
after the Hallelujah
Rain on a carousel
of time
round and round
this love great
song called
we spin on.

my heart!
my soul!
my wall
of truth!”
Jesse writes,
“Shine You Light”
in the CD i bought,
Soul Parade.

these blazing words
sung hard and with all
measure of passion
of conviction in
the song Shine
Your Light.

when you hear these songs,
there’s no question
no doubt
no darkness
it’s all light
it’s all so bright
and just as Tom Waits
knows genius
heart, you’ll
ac(know)ledge the light
“no tricks, no gimmicks”
that shines
colors and bright
from this heart this soul
this wall of Blazing Empowered
no darkness,

“I’ll be like the moon
you’ll be like the sun
c’mon baby
shine your light!”

Montgomery St.

banjo beginnings
this magic child-like
wonder tune
and yet somehow
this song
feels like a church

“Fire engines singing
in the backyard
oh backyard light
oh the lullaby
water trickles from
an empty lot
and it’s all we got
yeah it’s all we got
and iron and stone
and your sad trombone
and your leather shoes
and your ivory coat
all her bags are packed
like a burglar
it’s just me and her
we’ll lead you down
the road
old Montgomery is a quiet
such a quiet street
such a shame to say
so long Christmas
and the Sunday
smell and the ringing bell
and sparkling rain…”

i don’t wanna stop
his words
are more beautiful
than a summer
day in a park
with your true love

Amanda and Jules

the hand
the knee
the proposal
the kiss
the dance

the whirl around
the world
we spin
we revolve
our center
our Sun.

we’re stars
we’re moons
we’re strings
strumming this

Matt Epp sings
verses gorgeously
I Am The Wind
line by line
trading with Jesse
like the magic
of Now
when we’re there
listening and seeing
and feeling
the mystery unfold.

and after, when i’m talking to
Matt about his new
CD and video
and the songs
he sung with Jesse
The Wind and The Children
and dreams of Spain
and his long beard
about a friend’s father
and a battle with cancer
how Matt needed to let
his beard grow
when that man lost his hair
and his beard
all these human things
these everyday happenings
small and great
and we’re here
and we’re now

we’re watching
love flow
the ebb and flow
we’re rowing
in the boat
and the winds
are blowing
us all around
we’re steady
we’re ready now
for love’s great
leaping wonder
the flowers
and trees
and the breeze
and falling
to the knees

Jungle Town,

“let’s just say
i’m a little bit lonely
and i’m watching
the clock
on the building wall
i’m gonna see
the sweetest
thing since honey…
she’s the queen
of big
mysterious child
she’s the only woman
in this Jungle Town
with a golden smile.”

Jesse DeNatale

is golden wonderful
is Not
to be missed
your soul
to be kissed.





are you ready
to be

Joanna on drums.
Paul on sax.
Jesse piano, guitar.
Matt guitar/
Scott guitar.
Brent guitar.
Sky bass.

and oh my,
i’ve neglected to write (and rant)
(in good ways)
about Scott’s opening set.
slowed down these songs
with jazzy sax and unfolding beauty
felt and wonderful
of his poet friend
his mother
Hayes Carll
thoroughly entertained
and moved us in beauty
his prairie songs
his northern lights songs
his traveling songs

45 minutes
8 songs,
Bad Liver
Poor Man’s Holiday
Always Calling Home
90 MPL
New York City

Jesse DeNatale
Amanda and Jules
Scott Nolan
Park Theater.
October 2

Jesse DeNatale at the Park Theatre

Jesse DeNatale at the Park Theatre, Winnipeg, Oct 02 2009. Mike Latschislaw photo


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