Drake brings It’s All a Blur Tour to Vancouver

Drake adds a second Vancouver show to It’s All a Blur Tour International singing sensation Drake returns to Vancouver at the end of the summer for two shows. The shows are scheduled to take place at Rogers Arena Aug. 28 and 29.  The Canadian rapper and singer has announced 14 new dates in total for […]

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The night Michael Jackson died

Michael Jackson photo

Michael Jackson RIP

– by Eugene Osudar

i was at the Times Changed
High and Lonesome Club
for one of the best
Bands tour/spieling
this planet

The Weber Brothers

John Scoles leads the Good People
in the Good Fight

that is,
the good music

(The Bad
is not aloud,
playing words
like children do,do,dew)

before after and in/between
live bands
The Weber Brothers

he’ll play
Tom Petty
most often
these days

there’s AC/DC

but the Night
Michael Jackson

there was only MJ

and we’re moving it
grooving it




Ryan Weber and Cookie
practicing their Thriller
dance moves the

Night Michael Jackson Died

sometimes you die pretty

sometimes you die ugly

sometimes you die suddenly

sometimes you die long
and in agony

sometimes you’re reborn
and given another opportunity

to make things beautiful

(can you ever make things right?)

(of course, you can,
it’s just that pride gets in the way)

(we can all be forgiven)

Before the Webers played
that crazy night

i asked Ryan,
“can you guys play
Born To Run?”

he says, “maybe.”

cuz ya know, The Boss,
Neil Young
they’re allowed
to play
the extra long sets

cuz they’re pure
and intense
they don’t mail it in

they edge ya

with a razor
to your soul

and make you bleed
a thousand cuts

just like
L Cohen

a thousand kisses
deep tongues
to your naked

you gotta dance to The Beat

2 sets
this time

not the one,
3 and a half hour set
that i danced straight through
the last time The Weber Brothers
Tripped Our rock n roll
souls at The Times.

2 sets,

2 hours
50 minutes

and this time,

there were 4 ballads
that i didn’t dance to,

so i only danced,
2 hours 30 minutes

allowing my body a chance to heal

in my soul’s
(thousand kisses deep)
healing zeal
i have broken
my beautiful
body into pieces
of torn tissue
moaning muscle
jaded joints,

and my spirit
has soared

(thank you, Musicians)

the sets,

Fire In The Night
Home Is Where The heart Is
Cat Clothes On
Hold On Heart
Screw,dence (becomes Dear Prudence by The Beatles)
You Leave Me Breathless (Jerry Lee Lewis)
You Don’t Know Me
Tell mE What To Do
Can’t Do Nothing
10th Avenue Freeze Out (The Boss!)
One For You

80 minutes…

just after
just another
Weber Brothers

i asked Sam Weber
about his playing the last song
with Derek Trucks
on the Tuesday night/

“did you know those guys?”
“so what happened?”
“right after our set, he came up to me
and asked if i wanted to join them
for the encore. sure, man.”

Derek’s recognized as one of the 50
best rock guitarists
of all time. so there you go,
he honors Sam Weber,

Derek Trucks invites Sam to join
in the last song
melt/down jam
at The Playhouse
the opening night of Jazz Winnipeg Festival

set number 2,

Bed You Made
Let’s Play House
Some People
Enough Is Enough
I’m a M-A-N
So Many Sides
My Own Tears (gorgeous ballad)
Bar Brawl
Afghan Bop
The Shape I’m In
Should’ve Known
Slow Water
Shame Shame Shame
My Babe Is Red Hot
Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder!)

Andrew Neville’s (leader of mega/gritty
hard,core,country The Poor Choices)
calling for Born To Run now
and so, Ryan
points to me
and Andrew,

“we’ll play it for you two.”

and so begins a slow
to what we’re expecting to be
Born To Run

only suddenly,

the intro morphs
into the hottest

rockabilly version

Billie Jean

Michael Jackson!

ever heard

(get in the studio,
and sell a million
on the internet)

and i’m moving it
and they’re rocketing it
we’re soaring it
pounding the dance
wooden flooring it
at the Times
full speeding it
and taking
no prisoners
in it

and that’s what the moves were about
and Ryan
practicing MJ dance moves
before their first set

I Want You Back
i loved the Jackson 5
Off The Wall
you can’t Beat It
what’s happening there

it’s in the grooves
a thousand kisses deep
of the vinyl
and the boom/boom/boom
of the woof/woof/woof

and if you’ve never seen
Emm Gryner’s
piano and vocal
version on Youtube
of Beat It

oh my deities!

and then we were
ready for it,

cuz baby
we were,

Born To Run

The Boss
The Webers
Jerry Lee Lewis
The Band
the grit and the rocking blues

Cookie and Corndog
Sam and Ryan
it’s all about The Love
a thousand kisses deep
in your music/loving

let them kiss you
and you’ll dance
The Celebration Dance




this is your moment

(Leonard Cohen)


Weber Brothers
Times Changed
June 27
Night Michael Jackson Died

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