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Civet at the Burton Cummings Theatre, Winnipeg

concert photos Civet

Civet at the Burton Cummings Theater, Winnipeg July 29 2009. Mike Latschislaw photo

Review and photos – Civet at the Burton Cummings Theatre, Winnipeg, July 29 2009

– review by eugene osudar/photos by Mike Latschislaw

i love the toolbox
i love you taking turns
standing on the toolbox
i love(d) being in the front
row, in the very,fore,front
just under and just on
the side
of that toolbox,
when you took your
turns standing there
posing and playing
(with our minds)
i’m looking up
waaaaaaay up
into the deep dark
truthful mirror, first
and last
of the lipstick vogue
(Elvis Costello)
you’re all so trashy hot
faster pussycat
kinda hot

high cut skirts
tight tops
vixen hottie
i’m up for that

Liza, lead vokes
and guitar
in the fishnets
ensnaring all the male fish
in the fanta(seas)
oh my oh my
your heaving Russ Meyer
the cleavage
savagely ravaging
my 45 year old soul
talking sewer trash
that’s enough to smash
any delusions
of a rock n roll princess
reaching for the punk

concert photos Civet

Suzi with Civet at the Burton Cummings Theater, Winnipeg July 29 2009. Mike Latschislaw photo.

jacqui on the bass

and vocal harmonies
my male gaze on
your beautiful face
on your legs
knees bending
thighs flexing
calves tightening
around roxie’s

suzi on the big
guitar, and singing
it back,up,style,
slinging it
wielding it
heaving it
that big bad guitar
through the dense air
the high humidity
it’s so hot inside

hotter now,
you’re taking your
stepping up
to the toolbox

you’re all dripping sweat
from your fret fingers
from your salty,sultry,lips
glistening all over your faces

you’re shining now
under the stage lights

i can see rivers
pouring down
Roxie’s neck and chest
she’s on

Civet makes a wall of sound
they make the youngsters
move closer and closer
inspiring dreams and fantasies
as they screammmmmm
their vocals over the walls
and walls of sheer mountains
of sound

the set,

Son of a Bitch
Bad Luck
Take Me Away
You Got It
All I Want
Gin and Tonic
I Drank the Wine
Bleed and Burn
You Don’t Know Me
American Girl (Tom Petty cover)
Hell Hath No Fury
Pay Up

14 songs in 30 minutes
this is what Jacqui emailed

Winnipeg concert photos Civet

Civet’s Jacqui at the Burton Cummings Theater, Winnipeg July 29 2009. Mike Latschislaw photo

now, about that toolbox
that i love so very,very,much
once so long ago
i saw The Divinyls
play in Vancouver
at the 86
they’d made a splash
at Live Aid
and found themselves
with a sex,trashy
pop hit
I Touch Myself

Chrissy Amphlett
encouraged the touching
of her legs
and that’s what a so,hot
russ meyer
band of punk
may well want to consider
set your rules
of engagement
and play it

you’re in control

seeing Civet play
their trashy hot
reminds me

one of the hardest rocking bands
i ever saw
perform live
the total

so few bands could ever

concert photos Civet Roxie

Roxie with Civet. Mike Latschislaw photo

the Ex-Girlfriends
here in Winnipeg
are one of the sexiest
nastiest bands
i’ve ever seen
so punk sloppy
sometimes they’re the meanest band
on the planet
and then sometimes
they’re awful
and that’s Punk!
like The Replacements
you never know
which Ex-Girlfriends
are going to perform
hot sloppy
or plain shit sloppy
but they’re Always

and of course
the hottest band
i ever saw from this city
The Quiffs are sadly
no more
the best live band
this city ever produced

Winnipeg concert photos Civet

Civet in Winnipeg, Mike Latschislaw photo

all the guy musicians
in this city
were secretly envious of
the intense awesomeness
The Quiffs

and the women
in this city
were made to dream
of being in bands
because of The Quiffs

i saw the dreams
of young women
last night
(as i looked around)
with Civet
they were watching you
because you

come back to Winnipeg
and play the Royal Albert Arms
with The Strangers
you two bands will knock us out
with your walls of sound and
your intensity.

About Eugene Osudar

“born, august 16, 1963. i’m 45, and yes, i’m getting too old for this. bring out the rocking chair. my first concert, november 1978, elvis costello and the attractions. i was 15. their blisteringly brilliant 65 minute set only served somebody to affirm my new direction in the musical parallel universes, new wave punk alternative, oh sanctity oh celebration (!Freedom!) college radio! i’m old, i’m used up and i’m free. i see 50something Full sets of music every month and dance most of them. and when i dance, i mean to say, I Dance and Celebrate, 2/3/4 hours a night. The Gaslight Anthem. The Boss. The Weber Brothers. The Wind Ups. i’ll dance with Los Campesinos. i’ll move to The Long Winters. The Replacements. Husker Du. The Pogues. oh elvis costello, oh Clash! i could go/go/go Gogol Bordello forever. L(eonard) Cohen. come, Dance With Me (Old 97s) wherever you may be, sincerely, eugene
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