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Subcity Dwellers at the West End Cultural Centre, Winnipeg

Subcity Dwellers photo

Subcity Dwellers at the West End Cultural Centre, May 28 2009. Shawn Coates photo

Review and photos - Subcity Dwellers at the West End Cultural Centre, Winnipeg, May 28 2009

– review by Eugene Osudar/photos by Shawn Coates

My First Time
the newly reno’ed

Magnificent 7s
Farrell Brothers
The Subcity Dwellers

First Times.
the first time
julie and i made love
hot and sweaty
and rhythmically
dancing, steamy/dreamy
winnipeg summer night
throbbing to the beat
(hands gliding curves
hills plateaus points ridges peninsulas
plains fingers sliding forests valleys
of pure/true love
(salt licks, popsicle
sticks, fully ripened
mango lips)
hours and hours
hearts and souls
the fire

instant enlightenment
the power of love
its intense fragility

“gone daddy gone
love is gone
far away”
(The Violent Femmes)

the first time
i walked into the newly
West End Cultural Center
closed for a year
a long hard year
of me dancing
and gigging
and writing
tens of thousands
of pages
(some) rages
of poetry
of prose
and (mostly)
deeply felt
and lustful
oh, the fantaseas

i knew

i am in love again

will i run?

or will i dance

The Dance

straight into it
The Fire
The Blaze
That Obscure Object Of Desire
The Luis Bunuel Craze

“won’t somebody tell me,
just what is the soul of a man?”
from the brilliant
Magnificent 7s cd
Dirty Roads
the song,
Soul of a Man

just what is

it was just after eight o’clock
and i’m ready
i’m on the floor
the dance floor

i don’t have to dance
on the dance floor
i can dance in an aisle
in a church
on the earth (deities and humanity
how i :Love; to dance on the earth,
the soil, Mother Earth’s crazy quilt)
i can dance
where i want to,
it’s safe to dance!
The Safety Dance
Men Without Hats
at Le Rendezvous
decades ago!
I danced
back then
and Whirled
like the dervish
that Chris of The Hazy Pilgrims
says i am
when i dance
“I see the Sufi in you,
when you dance,
it’s not normal.”

Whirling Dervishes
the holy men and women
in dance and celebration
of the Beautiful

i am
The Dervish
spin fly soar
rocket man!

i am not normal.
i’m a dancer
a poet
a gigger
and jigger
(and biter)
a licker
a massager
a Lover
a fighter

just what is the soul of man?

a beautiful (eugene) man.

the 7s walked on stage
TJ, Matt, Ida, Chris
David, Andy (7s minus Ingrid,
add Matt on sound
equals Magnificent 7s)
with smiles
meeting my smiles
(we knew what was about
to unfold)
and as soon as
the first song

oh Dirty Road

i danced,
when the song
through my soul
!my dancing soul!

the first dancer
on the brand new dance floor of the newly

the opening shows
were all sit down affairs

oh, there were dancers
scattered about
(the seeds)
(The Belted Trees)

Hawksley Workman
Sarah Slean
and a songwriter’s circle
hosted and conceived/
by the wonderful Jeff Robson

but I was The First Dancer
at an official show

and The Last
(Shawn Conner
knows how wondrous
this Replacements song is)

I Won’t be The Last
i’ll die
(long before
that dance floor
is done)
and scatter my soul
all over This Place
My Winnipeg
My Love
My True
(i love you,)

Dirty Road
Way Down Town
Pills I Took
I Saw The Light
Free Born Man
Whiskey Song
Darling Cory
The Wolf
This City
Todays Empires, Tomorrows Ashes

and somewhere in that second or third
that song
that dance
joined me
in the dance.
it’s all about the dance/
always is.

who will lead
who will follow
who will tease
who will flirt
who by fire
will kiss the sacred dirt
mother earth
her beautiful naked feet
that need oiling
and tender

these hands
your feet
these hands
your tender toes

This City
is my favorite Winnipeg
i’ve told you so many times
beautiful heart
more than John K Samson
more than Greg MacPherson
This City is my Fave
what we need is a compilation
of their brilliant Winnipeg songs
(Jay, are you reading this?)
for the inner city
that my heart aches for
that i can’t work for
too, much,

when i hear the 7s
cover Propagandhi’s
Todays Empires, Tommorows Ashes
i understand
(and do i ever Dance!)
the intense majesty
of that band
at their best
what they mean to the youngsters
of winnipeg
it’s about The Dream
of making it
on one’s own terms
not dictated to by corporate hounds
transitory trends, false friends
no chains, no bounds
that’s the way
freedom sounds

the 59 Sound
Gaslight Anthem!

Matt sends us moving
through the
Whiskey Song

my hands are out of my pockets
rox’s indeed are in hers!
her feet/legs flying
tapping and sprightly
(we’re kissing) (the dance floor)

setting the tone for the evening
the invitation to dance
two more beauties
join us
and the watchers
gather around
waiting their Moment

The Magnificent 7s
are one of the finest bands
in this Winnipeg explosion
of music
and their cd
Dirty Roads
live at the Rudolf Rocker
february 18-28, 2008
truly captures
their intense fragility
their unfathomable beauty
their majesty
their magnificence

if only
the prodigal daughter
would return

The Farrell Brothers
are straight ahead
garage raging rockabilly
no zig no zag
all jag(ged)
and raw
power Iggy Style!
cap the R’s
to DanceRs Only!


it’s their moment now,

the watchers

from the opening sweaty
sizzling blazing

This is a Riot

the dancing was too far Gone
Daddy Gone (Violent Femmes)

no breaks between songs

rapid fire
firing line

we went wild
and The Mosh Pit


and somewhere
dancing there
i saw a young tall
thin man
unzip his jeans
dig his penis
and balls
airing them out
sweaty big balls
AC/DC style!

laughing riotously

he had a buddy
go down in mock
(i think)
head s(t)imulation
although, it may have
been the real sc(or)e,deal

the first felatio
in the newly reno’

(even Lynne of WECC
heard about this incident as we talked about it
before the brilliant Von Bondies show
at the Albert)

Fiery Line
Let’s face It
Dead End Boy
Breakin’ Out
Burning Desire
Curb stomp
Lone Wolf
Rocker Panel
Wild Kind
Sten Gun
Rumble at The Opry

16 songs in about an hour
(perfect set length)
million miles per hour
reminds me of The First Time
i saw Elvis Costello
and The Attractions
My First Concert

oh you brilliant firsts!

and if you want to see
me dancing
The Farrell Brothers
and the Magnificent 7s
at the Buddy Holly Tribute
Park Theater
and Dance With Me
Old 97s!

i’m the dancing
shadow man
(with beautiful Bonnie)
and i’m the old man
bopping effortlessly

the Farrells have played
seemingly forever,
15 years?
and the last two times
i’ve seen them,
the Buddy Holly tribute
and Now setting the table
for The Subcity Dwellers
they have Blazed!
set my dancing world
on fire
raging against the machine
and are now in the Fave Fave
list of the sacred sixty bands
that i love in This City

My Winnipeg
(Guy Maddin)
that fools still doubt
it’s here, it’s now
it’s everywhere
all around us
it’s cold yes
it’s so very beautiful

The Subcity Dwellers


Go On
Give Up the Gun
Pill Popper Rocker
Jerk Chicken Boogaloo
Drag Me Down
The End of the Bottle
1st & 55
After My Heart
Hey Brother
No More Lies
Rosalita (Bruce Springsteen cover!)


Brand New Cadillac (The Clash!)
Hold the Pressure Down


Subcity Dwellers
Drag Me Down/The End of the Bottle
(and you’ll find other live performance
from my first dancing show
at the newly reno’ed WECC)
and you’ll see
you’ll witness
that the floor is packed
and heads bopping
stage fully loaded
trumpet (Allison)
trombone (Rob)
saxophone (Darryl)
guitars (Ian and Matt)
keys (Kevin)
bass (Darwin)
and drums,
one of my Fave Fave
in this city,

it’s ska
it’s reggae
it’s punk
it’s soul
it’s a soul rhythm revue
it’s Stax
it’s the max
in dancing pleasure
in dancing orgasmmmmmm

by this time
rox, megan, amber and me
are pushed to the far side edge
so many are dancing
another sell out
400 movers and shakers
and everyone is selling their soles
and souls
out on the dance floor and beyond
dancing sweating moving and grooving


no standing room
all dancing boom/boom
John Lee Hooker

that’s some of the story
of My First Time
at the newly renovated
just some
i’ve committed
most of it to memory
and journal
and to kisses
sweet and salty
and to the dance
ferocious and glorious

whirl with me
you may be

“dance with me

under the moonlight”

Old 97s

like it’s
your, first, time.

Subcity Dwellers photo

Subcity Dwellers photo

Subcity Dwellers photo

Farrell Brothers photo

Farrell Brothers at the West End Cultural Centre, May 28 2009. Shawn Coates photo

Farrell Brothers

Farrell Brothers at the West End Cultural Centre, May 28 2009. Shawn Coates photo

About Eugene Osudar

“born, august 16, 1963. i’m 45, and yes, i’m getting too old for this. bring out the rocking chair. my first concert, november 1978, elvis costello and the attractions. i was 15. their blisteringly brilliant 65 minute set only served somebody to affirm my new direction in the musical parallel universes, new wave punk alternative, oh sanctity oh celebration (!Freedom!) college radio! i’m old, i’m used up and i’m free. i see 50something Full sets of music every month and dance most of them. and when i dance, i mean to say, I Dance and Celebrate, 2/3/4 hours a night. The Gaslight Anthem. The Boss. The Weber Brothers. The Wind Ups. i’ll dance with Los Campesinos. i’ll move to The Long Winters. The Replacements. Husker Du. The Pogues. oh elvis costello, oh Clash! i could go/go/go Gogol Bordello forever. L(eonard) Cohen. come, Dance With Me (Old 97s) wherever you may be, sincerely, eugene
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