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Monotonix at the Pyramid Cabaret, Winnipeg

Monotonix at the Pyramid Cabaret photo

Monotonix at the Pyramid Cabaret, Winnipeg, May 21 2009. Mike Latschislaw photo

Review – Monotonix at the Pyramid Cabaret, Winnipeg, May 21 2009

– text by eugene osudar/photo by Mike Latschislaw

taking it to the streets
of winnipeg
fort street that is and
the oldfolks home

i can’t, up,
with? keeping,
the madness
is, extreme!
the mayhem
is? if my eyes
leave the chaos
then i;ll miss
and then
what will
i do:

i’ll dance
this is me)

i can’t explain
my eyes
something of
the madness
anarchy in
my winnipeg

this is
this is
what you’ve seen
on youtube
haven’t you?
if no
go and see
the mayhem
in Berlin,
the anarchy
in Austin
Sometime To Return
(Soul Asylum)
to gutter,

it is
there is genius
oh my
the (pre)scriptures

this is iggy
more than
one iggy
this is a band
of iggys,
a, band, of,

a merry rock n roll
band of anarchists

out the pleasure
of being anarchal/
triple x

have i mentioned simulated
okay, that’ll come
(yes, i’ve written it that way
with purpose
and this too)

off the stage\
where is the stage>
above the stage
below the stage
all the world
a stage!

(billy shakespeare)

the audience
is part of the stage
the show,the floor
the rage
the roadies
the spillers
the dancers
the carriers
the lifters
the life and limb
rock n roll

there is chaos

this is genius

are you
ready to be
of this insanity?

to be touched
to be pulled
to be spat upon
by great/gobs
of beer

i will dare
(The Replacements)
dance with me
(The Old 97s)

am i getting too old for this?

not when there’s
1,2,3 iggys!

gogol bordello
is genius

visits my city

my winnipeg
in the form
1/2/3 Iggys


for the precious few
to hear, to see
to witness
can i get me
a witness
to the sounds
and spectacle
on fort street
sounds, dirty nasty
blues punk metal
performance rave
art culture
moving madness
all the venue
and outside
is a stage
let’s play
let’s climb
let’s jump from any
into arms and falling
waiting loving
hands arms
we will catch you



are you ready!

are you ready? i asked the five young men who stood at the secondary
bar. near the “stage” set up on the floor, F the actual stage, the
risers, the stand abovers and aparters! we are to be united. band and
audience, we are to be One. says me, “have you seen the youtube
clips?” yes/yes/yes, bobble/heads, they have seen the clips. you’re
going to be part of the chaos, the show. this they know, one young
man says, “i have my back against the bar.” as if that will protect
him. perhaps it will, his back, his eyes turned on ready to shine. to
dine on the feast. after the famine, so many bands without heart,
without force of will. if this be your will/i am ready to rock.

are you ready?

before the show, i approach the guitarist, Moshe standing outside,
getting air before the show, the storm, he is calm, as i intro me to
him and explain, there may be only 100 to see Monotonix from Israel,
“I don’t care, we will rock.” all calm, all business, it is their
business and their intention, to only rock and i can tell, they will.
it is so matter of fact. in his voice. in his (kris) demeanor. that
it is, Their Will. L Cohen.

and i tell the few, aviva and mike and dave and kim and matt and
freye. i know. because he will and they will.

and the lead singer Levi, walks around the bar, the venue, as Moshe
and Bonanza, on drums, set up on the dance floor, shunning the stage.
Levi cases the joint,as i’m sitting writing notes of what i observe.
Levi walks behind me and looks at the empty table and the bar stools.
oh, he will, they will use this table these stools. and this is where
i’m sitting next to. but i never sit. i dance.

and i watch him take a plastic garbage can from beside the main bar
and wheel it up to the stage area and i see him dump contents out,
and yes, there is a plan there is a method and i see him looking at
the ceiling and all around and watching and moving, a panther in
grooving the concept of the show the performance the art of focusing
the gathering spots.

he is the pied piper,
we the followers
the spectators
the ravers
the movers and shakers

no room for fakers
let’s groove
let’s move

Levi is the director
in this passion play
Bonanza the beat keeper
and Moshe
the monkey box grinder

we are monkeys
we are dancers
we are roadies
we are ecstatic

55 minutes
of nothing less
than complete
and building of trust

audience and performers
we will make this show
fire (U2)

the 75
not even 100!
says me to matt, “do you think there are 100?”
a Pyramid employee walks by,
and shakes his head, No Way!

75, but together
we made hundreds
legs toes
arms and we
carried levi
around the room

and lifted him higher
to the lighting and heating
beams and pipes and
he hung from these above the audience
the adorers
and jumped down
hard to the floor
a couple of times

and he dumped the plastic garbage can
on bonanza as he pounded away

and moshe just played

on bar tables
held steady by adoring
and a kick drum
held in place on another table
by a female “roadie”

we carried it all
we opened doors
we moved around the room

“come come, come on,”
says levi before the show
began and closer and closer
and neared and nearer
until there existed no virtual
between the band
and the audience
a sensual place

to place his mike
at the groin of a guy
who he hugged and danced
and then simulating
and singing
and we were all laughing
most of all
the young man
we Loved levi
and trusted him

and later he danced with a Beauty
taller than he

and then he went down
like a bull
to her female sex
and simulated
giving her head
again, complete
and trust

we yelled and screamed
we sat on the floor
we are the players
the actors
the dancers the ravers
levi the director
bonanza and moshe the producers
of the beat the grind

we are ecstatic
we are ravers

says me to aviva,
“i saw them in (short) shorts
they’re ready to rock!”

green carpet on the floor
for the drum kit
and later on
the carpet
is the blanket on which
levi is hurled twenty times
tossed in the air
until the throwers
in exhaustion and drop the blanket
and his bones smash onto the floor

and their bodies strewn on the floor

levi and bonanza
like writhers
snakes and worms
and dead bodies
outlined on beer soaked
and glass broke(d) dance

this makes no sense
i didn’t see anything
was i really there?
there was too much for a pair of green
hazel eyes
brown eyes
blue eyes
black coal eyes
to see
to accept
to gather in
to process

i confess

i missed it all

within the first five minutes
the very first song
levi joined us on stage
and turned to the 65 on the floor
and dropped
his short shorts
and exposed his derriere
to the gawkers
and it was wonderful

the security
big and round were happy too
they were on the stage with us,
no hassle
no trouble
no get off the stage

we were fine
afforded freedom
climbing on off the stage

after all
the band certainly
rarely used it!

knee high striped socks
bright red housecoat
it isn’t warm
inside or outside

bonanza and levi get down to the short shorts before the beats begin.

moshe keeps his shirt on
it isn’t warm

although, in an instant
of the moment
of the performance
it is Blazing Hot

mike facebooks after the show,
“arguably the craziest show i’ve ever seen”

i concur.

it occurs.

i was there.

but i didn’t see anything.

i’m too short. unlike, zenon
the giant ukrainian
punker, at least
6 foot six
and he lifts levi up,
up and throws him across
the floor
because that’s exactly what Levi wanted
to be thrown
by this giant

from the first beats, levi
throws beer on the audience and several accept the invitation to pour
beer and throw beer on them and it is beautiful

see the pictures

watch for the clips

levi says the USA crowd couldn’t compete
with us,
we rock
the 75
you’re so beautiful

and in a few years, there will be 200 who will say they were there

they saw Monotonix,
truth is
they didn’t and we really didn’t see anything at all

it would take a hundred shows to take it all in.

aviva says, “we are the performers!”

freye says, “i’m afraid to get too close. i’m a dancer and i have to
protect my body from injury and yet i’m drawn to them.”

and i am afraid too. i’m 45.
i’m getting too old for
most of this
but not this
not Monotonix
they’re the fountain
they’re the joy
of life and the moment

in israel
it is all about the moment
who knows when that bomb will
go off
and the moment


rave against the dying of the light
the lying of the night

the truth is
we are all in the moment
and that’s what the explosion
of my marriage has shown me
the moment
is now
get into the moment
this is your moment now

be into the moment
knows how

levi body surfs the audience in the second song
complete trust
from the invitation
to join them
and his dropping and exposing
of his

he has us
we’re with him
he’s naked for us
and we accept him

Levi gets on a bar table and a guy begins to spin him and then
another joins in and round and round Levi spins like a bottle

it’s magic
it’s the moment

and Levi takes the drum stool and gets several people to lift him on
top of it, above the ground as he pounds away. it’s all about levitation
being together
part of the show
the experience
of letting

and then at 1:10 AM
levi and bonanza
lift the drums
and urge the gathered to follow
and i go
no one else is moving
they’re leading us towards the doors

and levi gestures for me
to open the doors

and i open the first set of doors and they break on through the
and i push open the next set of doors
and the air
is cold
all they’re wearing is short shorts
and they go outside and out
the 75
and we’re dancing
on Fort Street
at 1:10
with drums pounding and levi screaming
and he leads us
the oldfolks home all the lights are out and in no time
the lights turn on and people
staffers and old folks
are seen looking from windows
as the 75
scream and dance
and bonanza pounds on drums
and mike takes pics
and levi climbs a tree
ten feet

and he motions for the audience to catch,

and arms lift

50 arms

and he
and drops/falls
dead weight
into the waiting loving arms
and all is well,
no broken bones
no broken arms
or fingers
not that i know of

and dave m is concerned
he’s the promoter, says he,
“i don’t mind, he should have gone
the other way, it’s an oldfolks home.”

says me, “when will the cops come?”

and they didn’t,
perhaps the staffers and old folks
Loved it
amazed by it.

the crazy mostly nearly naked man
hanging from the tree
and dropping into the arms
of young people




serious fun genius.

go and see. 3 iggys/.


this is your


More Monotonix photos:

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