Art Bergmann hits back hard on new track featuring MC5’s Wayne Kramer

Art Bergmann’s new song Christo Fascists features the MC5’s Wayne Kramer. The track is from his upcoming album Late Stage Empire Dementia.

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The greatest animated movie never made?

Persistence of Vision documentary  image

Persistence of Vision, a documentary about Who Framed Roger Rabbit? animator Richard Williams, has its world premiere Oct 4 at the 2012 Vancouver International Film Festival.

Movie preview – Persistence of Vision with the 2012 Vancouver International Film Festival

We have five pairs of tickets to give away to the world premiere of Persistence of Vision Thursday, Oct 4. The documentary follows the 30-year quest of animator Richard Williams to make his masterpiece, The Thief and the Cobbler—perhaps the greatest animated film never made.

Best known for the animated sequences of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the Canadian-born British animator saw the film wrested from his control and savagely recut. How savagely? You’ll have to see Persistence of Vision to believe it.

Kevin Schreck‘s documentary pairs unreleased scenes from Williams’ virtuoso fairytale with horror stories of creativity falling prey to commerce.

Scene from Richard Williams' The Thief and the Cobbler

Scene from Richard Williams’ The Thief and the Cobbler (by way of Kevin Schreck’s documentary The Persistence of Vision).

To enter to win a pair of tickets to the Oct 4 premiere at 6 p.m. at Granville Cinemas, let us know your favourite animated feature or cartoon of all time in the comments below. We’ll make the draw at 9 a.m. PST Wed Oct 3.

Persistence of Vision is part of the 2012 Vancouver International Film Festival.

Movie trailer – Persistence of Vision:

8 responses to “The greatest animated movie never made?

  1. 8 years ago  

    Samson & Sally! Favorite movie as a kid and it still rules. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REN67hs8wnA

  2. 8 years ago  

    Favourite cartoon is still Sailor Moon. Oh yeah.

  3. 8 years ago  

    The Lion King’s my favourite of all time!

  4. 8 years ago  

    The Iron Giant!

  5. 8 years ago  


  6. 8 years ago  

    Spirited Away

  7. 8 years ago  

    Probably fantasia.

  8. 8 years ago  

    The Simpsons

    by: Mr. Don Hertzfeldt

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