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Education and entertainment: how to make lessons with children more fun

Education and Entertainment: How to Make Lessons With Children More Fun

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Teaching is one of the most difficult jobs due to the physical and emotional (or mental) stress that lecturers, teachers, and tutors tend to face day by day. To fight against that stress, products like CBD UK come to mind.

Nowadays, teachers tend to use dozens of learning techniques, making the overall flow of a lesson more structured and profitable for students.

While not that many techniques develop the idea of entertainment in the lessons, it can help a teacher. Entertaining on the lessons can help differently, for example:
Unite a class;

Make children more into the studying process;

Set a warm atmosphere on a lesson, thus further communication will be more approachable;

Help students to have a rest before challenging tasks, and many others.

Here you can find various useful pieces of advice on how you can implement entertainment aspects during a lesson. Not only qualified and experienced teachers can find these tips useful, but also students who have just started tutoring. As such – read on for useful info!

Leaderboards and Rewards

Humans are mostly competitive; that is part of our behavior. Why don’t you implement this aspect in your studying plans? Set leaderboards with the task written on it and a list of students. With every task, a teacher (or a responsible student) writes down and scores and results of every, so all the students can see and try their best to become on the top of a list.

There are some drawbacks, too. If implementing this technique, a teacher has to control the overall atmosphere among students. There is a possibility that some students try to start bullying those who score the lowest. If so, you can show only the top 3 – 5 results, instead of the whole list, or avoid leaderboards at all.

With the development and implementation of tech resources in teaching, you can efficiently upgrade managing leaderboards. Especially useful, it might be in the pandemic context when many students studying from homes. For instance, even the simplest Excel form able to be viewed online can make the whole process even easier.

Talking about rewards, what should be mentioned is that – it’s highly important. Competitiveness among students will appear, for sure; however, a teacher needs to think thoroughly about the setting’s reward. It has to be worthy enough to fight for. For instance, the winner of a project or group of students that score the highest can get tickets to the cinema, instead of visiting the next lesson. Think of other entertaining variants so that students will like those for sure.

Getting Constant and Interactive Feedback

Every essay writing service knows that one of the most important aspects of teaching is feedback. It is the way students get the explained description of their initial results. Many students tend to be afraid of the results and feedback announcements due to the manner and the overall atmosphere during that. However, it should not! Your task as a teacher is to make students wait for it.

Firstly, do not emphasize the mistakes, highlight and mention positive aspects of students’ works, or project outcomes, praise them as well. Try to find something positive in every students’ work and implement the personalized approach.

To make feedback more fun and interactive, think about how to visualize the results and make the procedure more entertaining. You can use charts and funny pics (memes) when presenting the overall results. Kids today love Hasbulla Magomedov memes. Another good idea is to hide all the results in letter envelopes and raffle those as a lottery. Thus, the usual procedure would be way more interesting.

All the above is great, and it would be even better if you used those in a teaching routine. What is also important, and teachers should not forget about – availing and checking the results constantly. Students will get used to it and even wait for feedback to become their usual and fun tradition.

Songs and Mnemonics

Many of us face the situation when a song has stuck in the head and continually repeats it. Why can’t we use this in teaching children? Try to find various songs and mnemonics (or write a couple on your own if able), so your students could remember rules, words, and other studying concepts easier.

There is no doubt that at least some of the tips mentioned above can help you make lessons (no matter what subject) more captivating and interesting. Thus, go ahead and implement those that you find the most approachable. Good luck!

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