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Wet in Vancouver – new songs, plus plenty from Don’t You

Wet at Imperial Theatre Vancouver

Kelly Zutrau wears white after Labour Day at the Imperial in Vancouver, Nov 2 2016. Janelle Huopalainen photo.

Photos – Wet at Imperial Theatre, Vancouver, Nov 2 2016

– photos by Janelle Huopalainen

Wet at Imperial Theatre, Vancouver, on Wednesday night. The current tour is taking the band up the West Coast and through the southern states.

The Brooklyn synthpop trio released its debut album Don’t You earlier this year. The album includes tracks like “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl”.

Throughout the set, which included songs from Don’t You as well as two new tracks, fans shouted out their encouragement (“Kelly!” and “We love you, Kelly!” were heard throughout) to lead singer Kelly Zutrau. Bandmates Joe Valle and Marty Sulkow, along with a third touring musician, backed up Zutrau with percussion, guitar and bass that complemented her vocals. These were much huskier than her smooth-as-silk vocals on the group’s recordings.

At one point Zutrau brought out an autoharp, explaining that she writes most of her songs on the instrument, including the one she was about to play. (Interestingly, the band released an EP of her autoharp demos this year.)

Wet shows off two new songs

Along with Don’t You songs like “Weak” and “These Days”, the band played new songs “The Middle” and “Turn Away”.

“These songs are about being stuck in in-between places on a few levels,” the band told the Fader recently about the two songs.

“Being in the ambiguous place between the end of a relationship and whatever is next. Our country being between presidents and feeling the collective anxiety while everyone waits to see what kind of place this is going to be in the next few years. Being between album cycles right now but still touring on Don’t You. Everything feels very up in the air.”

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