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Go-go dancin’ wookies, raptors, Peter Capaldi and more


Things I saw at Comic-Con 2015

– by Ryan Ingram

Last week was Comic-Con, and I - along with 129,999 other suckers people who like to wait in lines - took in the overwhelming wonders of San Diego’s annual nerdfest. And it was pretty fun!

I was only there for the first two days though. By the time Hall H was losing its collective mind over a free Star Wars symphony concert, I was already flying home, ready to sleep for a week and recover. But: I still got to see some fun Comic-Con-type things while I was down there, so without further ago, here are Things I saw at Comic-Con 2015.

Let’s start with Star Wars-related cosplay:


Princess Vader. Ryan Ingram photo.


Go-go wookies? Go-go wookies! Ryan Ingram photo.


Evil Knievel Stormtrooper or a really patriotic Stormtrooper, probably. Ryan Ingram photo.


Comic-Con Syngery: a photo-op between Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s Meatwad and The Strain’s vampires. Ryan Ingram photo.


Even the local grocery shop gets into the Comic-Con spirit. Here’s a display with a heavy nod to Iron Man’s “Demon In A Bottle” storyline. Ryan Ingram photo.




…and Groot’s tip jar. Ryan Ingram photos.


Lego raptors…


… and human raptors.


Dr. Doom.

[Comic-talk sidebar: Have you read Marvel’s summer event series Secret Wars? It’s about a planet where all of Marvel’s weirdest continuity co-exists in Game of Thrones-type realms, and Doom is the god of this planet. It shouldn’t work, but it’s been pretty fun so far. Read it, if you want.]


I thought this guy had pretty convincing Hare Krishna cosplay going. But then he tried to push one of his books on me, so he probably was a real Krishna.


Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi was the only celebrity I saw, and it happened really quick. I like this sub-paparazzi photo I took because it looks like he’s in full Malcolm Tucker-mode, but he actually seemed super-cool and took a photo with all these people right before. Ryan Ingram photo.


And the Snipe-mandated cat-related photo.

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