Nellie McKay releases her first album of new material in 13 years

Hey Guys Watch This is the New Yorker’s first album of new original material since 2010.

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Special Bands with Cats featuring Sage McBride from Shred Kelly with Salt Panther

Shred Kelly

Special Bands with Cats – Sage McBride from Shred Kelly with Salt Panther

– by Cheena Jean Normandin

Born in the wilds of Fernie, B.C., Shred Kelly has been making sweet, soulful folk music with a kick since 2009. The band’s latest album is Sing to the Night, and they’re wrapping up a lengthy Canadian tour in support of the record this Saturday night, March 14, at the Electric Owl in Vancouver. Our Bands with Cats lady Cheena Jean got in touch with vocalist/keyboardist Sage McBride (other members are Tim Newton, Jordan Vlasschaert, Ian Page-Shiner, and Ty West) about Shred Kelly’s feline mascot, Salt Panther. Prospective thieves, take note: Salt Panther will be guarding the tour van.

Shred Kelly

Sage McBride with Shred Kelly at the Railway Club, Vancouver, Feb 13 2013. Christopher Edmonstone photo.

Your name and band: Sage McBride from Shred Kelly.

What’s your cat’s given name? Salt Panther

What’s your cat’s origin story?

We rescued him from the Salvation Army in Port Alberni, B.C. Now he serves us with gratitude.

What does your cat eat? Old compact discs

Shred Kelly 5

What do you think your cat’s theme song is?

Our own song “Stuck Between”. When we didn’t have a name for our new song “Stuck Between” we just called it “Salt Panther” for while. When we play it live, Tim (Newton) sometimes growls like a panther when the song kicks in, paying respect to the Salt Panther. “Roowwr!”

What does your cat get up to while you are sleeping?

Salt Panther guards the van. He hides under all the empty chip bags and socks just waiting for a robber to break in and take our stuff. Watch out robbers!

Shred Kelly 3

If your cat sees a GIANT spider.  What is it’s course of action?

There would only be one course of action: Salt Panther would kill it with his stare.

Where is the last incredible feat that your feline accomplished?

Salt Panther recently survived being broken in half.

Shred Kelly 2

If your cat threw a raging party, what would be on the playlist?

“Wild Cat” by Ratatat…

“Love Cats” by The Cure…

“Don’t’ Forget Me When I’m Gone” by Glass Tiger…

And the “Thunder Cats” theme song.

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