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Generationals at the Biltmore Cabaret

Generationals Vancouver

Generationals at the Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver, June 13 2013. Kirk Chantraine photo.

Photos – Generationals at the Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver, June 13 2013

– photos by Kirk Chantraine

Generationals on tour in Vancouver for their album Heza.

The duo of Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer released the debut full-length Con Law in 2009.

Joyner and Widmer struck up a friendship in high school in New Orleans. While attending Louisiana State in Baton Rouge, the two formed The Eames Era with three classmates in 2003. After the breakup of The Eames Era, Baton Rouge-native and Eames Era producer Daniel Black (The Oranges Band) invited Joyner and Widmer to record their debut LP, Con Law, at his Washington, D.C. studio.

New Orleans-based label Park The Van (Dr. Dog, The Spinto Band) released Con Law in 2009. According to a press release, “Its retro vibe clearly bore the influence of Phil Spector‘s mid-century pop, but Generationals’ influences always ran the gamut, with pieces of Brit-pop, dance and electronic poking through the trumpet stabs and Abbey Road compression on their analog 24-track recordings.”

The group subsequently released an EP, 2010’s Trust, and a second full-length, 2011’s Actor-Caster.  

“Since releasing their inaugural album, Con Law, back in 2009, Generationals have established themselves as the go-to band for sunny pop songs that display all the catchiness of a Top 40 single without sacrificing a sense of technical playfulness.” – Paste

“‘Put a Light On’ should be liquefied, bottled, and sold at your nearest pharmacy.”- NYLON

More Generationals Vancouver photos:

Kirk Chantraine

About Kirk Chantraine

Kirk Chantraine is a Canadian photographer and software developer currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia. He graduated from Vancouver Film School for 3D Animation in 2004 and has been working in the Visual Effects industry ever since with companies such as Electronic Arts and Disney. Over the last few years Kirk has exhibited his photographic works in San Francisco and Vancouver. A music aficionado and vinyl junkie, Kirk shoots live music and performance at an inhuman pace across North America for The Snipe News , along with landscape and portraiture. If you're buying: gin-and-tonics. He is @kchantraine on Twitter.
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