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Vague-a-bonde, ‘Evolved’ (video)

Vague-a-bonde evolved

Nicole Brenny aka Vague-a-bonde.

Music video – Vague-a-bonde, ‘Evolved’

Vague-à-bonde is Nicole Brenny, a 24-year-old French scholar turned producer, songwriter and musician.

She  released her debut album Involution/Evolution in February 2012.

From the press release: “Driven by the need to challenge herself beyond academia, Nicole used her awkward post college years to teach herself production, all about analog synths and how to arrange and write songs. She quit most of her normal jobs instead taking on less common ones as a wedding DJ, a raw food chef and a meditation instructor (to name just a few) and spent the majority of her time working on music & traveling throughout North America.

“For 2013, Vague-à-bonde has finished 222 a 5 song EP that catches the traveler at a moment of repose between journeys. The 5 songs are deeply reflective, digging through the past with an eye to the future- a moment of preparation & planning before the next journey begins. The music is future-retro electro-pop with strong roots in earthy analog synths & live instrumentation.”

“Evolved” is the first release single from 222 with a video directed by Charlie Gerszewski.

Video – Vague-a-bonde, “Evolved”:

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