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Sex With Strangers at the Media Club

Sex With Strangers band Media Club Vancouver concert photo

Alexis Young and Hatch Benedict with Sex With Strangers at the Media Club, Vancouver, Jan 24 2013. Robyn Hanson photo

Photos – Sex With Strangers at the Media Club, Vancouver, Jan 24 2013

– photos by Robyn Hanson

Sex With Strangers played a show Thursday night at the Media Club in Vancouver. Another Vancouver band, Fine Times, opened.

Sex With Strangers released their fourth album, Behaviours, late in 2012. It features the rather great single and video “Times Electric”. The band’s members include two talented co-lead vocalists Hatch Benedict and Alexis Young. Young also plays synths, which add a new wave-element to the group’s “dystopia-rock” sound. Isabelle Dunlop of Combine the Victorious also sometimes sings with the group. although she wasn’t onstage for this Sex With Strangers performance.

The band is known for its sometimes wild live shows. While the band’s wall of dystopian-rock got many on the dancefloor gyrating, a highlight of the set was Benedict’s assault on guitarist Wedge Beavers. Benedict pulled the guitarist’s T-shirt up and accosted a nipple. (For the record, Wedge Beavers is male.) It was not pretty, but it was rock ‘n’ roll.

You won’t find that in the Sex With Strangers gallery below, but photog Robyn Hanson got some great shots.

More Sex With Strangers at the Media Club, Vancouver, photos:

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