Move over, Mickey – Carl Frederickson is here: 5 things we loved at Pixar Fest 2024

Pixar Fest 2024 is a parks-wide celebration of the animation studio behind Toy Story, The Incredibles, Monsters Inc. and many more. Exclusively at Disneyland, CA, the festival features a Pixar-themed parade, nighttime and daytime shows, food and of course plenty of merchandise.

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Yamantaka Sonic Titan at the Biltmore Cabaret

Yamantaka Sonic Titan at the Biltmore Cabaret Vancouver

Yamantaka//Sonic Titan at the Biltmore Cabaret, May 28 2012. Krista Jahnke photo

Photos - Yamantaka Sonic Titan at the Biltmore Cabaret Vancouver, May 28 2012

2012 Polaris Prize shortlist-nominees-to-be Yamantaka//Sonic Titan opening for Xiu Xiu in Vancouver at the Biltmore Cabaret.

The band formed in Montreal but is now based in Toronto. Key members are Ruby Kato Attwood and Alaska B, who met at Concordia University and started the band as an art project. Supporting musicians include John Ancheta on bass and acoustic guitar, Ange Loft and Walter Scott on vocals, Shub Roy on guitar and Brendan Swanson on keyboards. They released their self-titled debut in 2011.

Ria Nevada, reviewing the band’s performance for The Snipe, writes: “Appearing in white face paint with variations of animal, tribal and horror designs, the group served up a compelling fusion of various genres. Gothic-kraut converged with elements of classical Asian scales, served up with arhythmic drums and foreboding synth melodies. As a nod to some of the band’s performance art backgrounds and Asian heritage, their set featured fan dances, Buddhist hand positions, and meditative chanting.”

More Yamantaka Sonic Titan at the Biltmore Cabaret photos:

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