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Pop Montreal 2011 day one

concert photos Pop Montreal Balconies

Balconies at Petit Campus for Pop Montreal, Sept 21 2011. Ashley Tanasiychuk photo

Photos – Pop Montreal 2011 Day 1 featuring The Balconies, The Paint Movement, Megan Bonnell and more

– by Ashley Tanasiychuk

On nothing more than a whim, more or less, The Snipe photog Ashley Tanasiychuk flew down to Montreal for this year’s Pop Montreal music and arts festival. We’ll have more pics from Ash in the days to come; in the meantime, here’s what he had to say about his first day of the 10th annual Pop Montreal:

POP Montreal 2011

Fantastic first day in Montreal for the 10th POP Montreal.
Fantastic weather, hospitable people, intriguing art, and a blast of music.

Mozart’s Sister played at the opening party at Eglise St. Edouard,
then Fashion POP,
then running around, from country & western artist Lindi Ortega,
beautiful singer/pianist Megan Bonnell (the highlight of the night),
mellow band The Paint Movement,
rockers The Balconies,
adult contemporary Mark Berube & The Patriotic Few,
awesome dramatic Quebecois band Monogrenade (the other highlight of the night),
to a couple high energy dance dj’s at the packed Le Belmont: Lunice & Araab Muzik.

Pop Montreal 2011 photos Mozart's Sister

Mozart’s Sister at Elgise St Edouard, Pop Montreal, Ashley Tanasiychuk photo

Pop Montreal photos Lunice

Lunice at Le Belmont, Pop Montreal Sept 21 2011, Ashley Tanasiychuk photo

Fashion Pop photos model

Model at Fashion Pop, Pop Montreal 2011. Ashley Tanasiychuk photo

Pop Montreal photos Monogrenade

Monogrenade at Sala Rossa, Pop Montreal Sept 21 2011. Ashley Tanasiychuk photo for The Snipe

Pop Montreal Day 1 photos, featuring Megan Bonnell, Mozart’s Sister, Lindi Ortega, The Balconies and more:

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