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SNL vs Winnipeg

Zach Galifianakis Saturday Night Live Celebrity Scoop Winnipeg

Zach Galifianakis on Saturday Night Live in "Celebrity Scoop" - live, from Winnipeg?

Live, from Winnipeg – it’s Saturday night!

Reaction from actual Winnipegers (Winnipeggers?) has been mostly aghast – but their distress is aimed at the (bad) accents.

Saturday Night Live dared to make fun of Winnipeg on last night’s show.

Host Zach Galifianakis and cast member Fred Armisen appear in the skit, which purports to be a TV gossip show called “Celebrity Scoop”; right before the skit, a title card flashed a Hollywood-type sign saying “Winnipeg”. The hosts of the “show” speak in bad Fargo-type accents.

@ashkoley: the snl winnipeg skit was silly but the accent is all wrong!

@brittbrew: Lol oh god this celebrity scoop from Winnipeg on #SNL is awesome haha

@Hez: Still can’t believe homeboy Lorne Michaels ok’d that appalling “Winnipeg” sketch on #SNL last nite. What a reeking pile of maple turds. #ugh

@sweetcanadagirl: Loved SNL last nite! Zach Galifianakis was awesome! Skit with talk show from Winnipeg Canada was wicked good. LOL Legalize weed!

@julia_fearless: loving how SNL made fun of winnipeg. 100% not accurate, but still HILARIOUS… no we dont have accents like those… lmfao.

@ElliottChirps: Apparently Winnipeg is really Fargo? Brutal accents, and not one person said “right on” but worst of all-terrible use of Galifianakis #SNL

@TesslaFillion: Last nights SNL skit on Winnipeg couldn’t have been more opposite of what it’s actually like! hahaha (besides the snow atleast).

@MarkLiebrecht: Found that Celebrity Gossip from Winnipeg sketch on SNL last night amusing, but why did everyone talk like they were from Fargo?

@BillyPollock: OMFG!!! #snl did a skit last night where they used #winnipeg in lieu of the hollywood sign! Awesome!! Exaggerated cdn accents were bad tho

@Jonescam: #snl skit about Canada was soooooooh not funny. PS, Manitoba is a province, and Winnipeg is in that province. / #GeographyFail

Video – Saturday Night Live “Winnipeg – Celebrity Scoop” skit:

Thanks to video poster irobb31

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